Casual Fun at Connooga 2015

Casual laid back fun at Connooga this year! Continue reading

Friendship Friday: Ma Baby Is Talented

Hello friends, Friendship Friday has been a ways off, but it’s back!  At least I think it is.   This week I want to share with you how talented ma baby is!  His name is Donnie.  He is my baby and my best friend.  He’s extremely talented in many ways.  This...

Happy Borderlands Day and Pizzelles!

Happy Saturday everyone! My weekend officially began by eating lunch down at the O.G. (Olive Garden) and then my boyfriend and I headed to GameStop for Borderlands Day and to pre-order Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.  Borderlands Day isn’t as fancy as it sounds, but basically if you pre-ordered today, from GameStop, you...

Ryuko Matoi Figma Unboxing!

Hello all! This weekend we did a quick Unboxing video of the Ryuko Matoi figma I received!  Yes, these are the geeky things I love.    If I seemed less perky in this video I apologize.  It was getting late and I really just wanted to get this out as soon...


Hey there duders, jobbers and friends!  I uploaded all of the things onto Flickr tonight, so go check it out! I also create a page on MA site for this years pics: ‎ Yes, it’s all of the photos I so painstakingly took for you all at Dragon Con...

The Calm After the Storm that is Dragon Con

Sharing my thought about Dragon Con and the after effects! :) Continue reading

Friendship Friday – July 18th, 2014: Just Friendship!

Hey all! I don’t have any crazy costume pics for this week.  I just wanted to share a picture full of FRIENDSHIP!  It’s one of those pictures that always makes me smile when I see it.  Feels right that Dragon Con is coming up and this was taken there one year....

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