Food Review Video: Chobani Flips, Pumpkin Harvest Crisp

Yoooooogurt!!! Continue reading

Foodie Heaven = Food Discovery (Mango Sticky Rice)

Hey folks! When you’re a food person (I don’t know if I’m a foodie) one of the best moments is when you discover a great new restaurant or a brand new dish that has become a new favorite! Both of these things happened today for me thanks to my good...

My Cosplay Workshop at the Nashville Public Library

Cosplay fun in March at the Nashville Public Library. How cool I was able to participate! Continue reading

Connooga 2016 Review of Times Had

Hello again friends! Connooga was a week ago and we had our typical laid back fun at this convention, which tends to be a laid back event.  I always enjoy seeing the Choo Choo hotel and enjoy downtown Chattanooga in general.  If you’ve seen my previous reviews on Connooga you...

A Review for you: Chobani Flips: Sriracha Mango

Hello All! I decided to put out a couple food reviews because why not.  I like critiquing food and I need practice with video editing.  I hope to become better at video editing so I don’t have to depend on my boyfriend to do it.  We’ll see if I can...

Getting Back in the Game

I hope everyone else has had a good winter season.  I, for one, had a crazy time with a big winter storm that came through.  We got stuck at our home first with ice then with 7 inches of snow!  Despite the sad pay check that followed after not being at work all...

Casual Fun at Connooga 2015

Casual laid back fun at Connooga this year! Continue reading
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