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Mirai Kuriyama and Iona Debuted at Katsucon 2014

Weeeeeee!  Hello internet! So we got back from a personal trip up to PA about two weeks ago and caped off the end of the trip with a stop at Baltimore, MD, to go to Katsucon for the first time!  Katsucon was a lot of fun.  For me, fun just...

Anime You Need to Catch Up On from 2013

Hey Everyone!  Happy New Year!!  That 2013 I tell ya… WHAT a bugger.  Heh.. Are you excited about 2014?  I am, but personally, I try to ignore all the happy and positive posts online around New Years.  It’s just sad watching how most of the time people can’t follow through with...

A Cosplayers Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! How have you been spending your October?  Decorating or carving pumpkins? Maybe watching college football? I actually had my Halloween decor up early, the week before October began.  I got into the mood very early this year.  It peaked this weekend with a trip to the haunted woods...

Kitty Tutus Make Great Decor

So I decided one night to make my cats tutus!  Yeah….., I was bored and saw animal tutus being sold at Wal-Mart.  Then I just had one of those “That’s stupid!” and.. “I can make that!” moments.  It was really for the 5 seconds of amusement to watch our cats...

Kill La Kill, Next Anime for You to Cosplay the Crap Out of!

We started watching Kill La Kill last week with dinner and found it really entertaining.  We’ve gotten two episodes in (which is what has aired so far on Crunchyroll).   The first thing you’ll notice, watching it, is the anime style it’s drawn in.  I love the way it looks...

Review: You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

I finally made it through all 50 episodes of “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin”!   The show debuted in Korea March 9th on KBS2.  The drama is about a family devastated after the sudden death of the father, but who learn to find the true meaning of love and...

Back from Dragon Con with Photos

Photos of my Catra Cosplay and the Borderlands Photoshoot at Dragon Con! Continue reading

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