Tear,…Coffee Prince is Over…

I am soooo sad that we can’t sit down to eat, cozy with a blanket and watch an episode of Coffee Prince!!  My boyfriend and I watched the last episode tonight.  Coffee Prince is a Korean Drama popular back in 2007.

Here is the Synopsis FYI:

Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) is a bright young girl who works multiple jobs to help keep her family afloat. Yet thanks to an immature mother and a clueless sister, she often finds herself in need of more work.  One day, a great opportunity lands in her lap, it’s the chance to work at a café – but there’s a catch. This coffee shop only hires good-looking males. Strapping down her chest, Eun-chan takes on the disguise of a male, causes misunderstandings among her co-workers, and discovers her dream of becoming a barista.

Choi Han-gyeol (Gong Yoo) owns the coffee shop. Good-looking, smart and heir to an extremely rich grandmother, he is a bit of a slacker with no intention of being tied down to one career. In an effort to anchor him, his grandmother orders him to take over and expand the coffee shop. He does so reluctantly at first, but soon discovers the charm and attraction of the gourmet coffee business. The problem is, he’s starting to doubt his own sexual orientation because of a certain feminine boy, and it’s driving him crazy!

Of course this is a love story!  The show is very warm and fun.  You definitely feel a connection with the characters and enjoy the changes they go through over time.  I immediately turned back into a giddy school girl when I watched the show and thought, “Those are playful things I’ve done with my loved one.”  I also shed a tear or two.  I do have interest in Asian culture and it was fun watching it and my boyfriend who would say, “My mom’s made that food before” or “I’ve heard my mom say that before” (being that she is Korean and from Korea).  He would explain small things or mannerisms in the show.  I kept wondering about how conservative the show was with the progress of the relationship.  Apparently they are a more conservative society.  So no Snoochie Boochies!!  Well at least not till later 😉

~I guess my whole point is…  If you don’t mind subtitled shows or a little romance with some added humor, then CHECK IT OUT!   <3 <3 <3 ~

-There is a tribute site for the fans of Coffee Prince!  Click here to check it out: www.coffee-prince.com.

-If you would like to watch Coffee Prince online Crunchy Roll has it. Click here and enjoy!

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  1. This drama is really cool!! And so are the actors!! The pictures are very pretty if there was a manga I’d read it and if there was an anime I’d watch too!!!!

  2. I love The Coffee Prince, I just started watching it and I’m already halfway finished. ^_^
    I’m scared to finish, I don’t want it to end. :L

  3. I felt the same way!! I could watch the whole series again. 🙂

  4. lol he is picking his nose. :p

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