Light Box Fun: Part 1

I recently built myself a light box for photographing small objects, mainly for the jewelry I make.  All in hopes of someone buying it online!  WHOO!  I usually like taking pictures of objects outside, around natural objects, but that is not always available or appropriate for certain items.  So after reading some Instructables on the Interwebs, PRESTO!!  Cardboard light box was built.

See first version of light box below:

I followed some instructions from one website and they mentioned using muslin fabric and tape to secure it to the outside of the box.  Maybe I wasn’t using the correct tape, because it would not stick to the fabric and a bit of trouble sticking to the box.  So the fabric would then fall off or sag.  Another site said they used tissue paper instead of fabric.  Since I could see myself burning my house down, that is not for me.  So tonight I decided to take all the tape off and just staple the corners of the fabric to the box.  This seems to work much better and the staples are easy to remove if I need to take the fabric off later.

The second version of the Light Box:

(Yes, you are getting a glimpse of my work-desk which has geek stuff a plenty! 🙂 )

I think I finally bought the correct lighting for the Light Box.  Some people online did not mention what type of bulb to buy at all, but I discovered it is important.  I usually hate bulbs that give off a white light or florescent light, but this worked well for the Box.  A lot of bulbs, even ones to claim to have better lighting,  give off a yellowish light and then the object you are photographing doesn’t look natural.  I read online to get Full Spectrum, Daylight bulbs.  I bought an energy saving bulb/100 Watts/Daylight.  YES, I went to Lowes and for some reason forgot to buy two bulbs (Bonk, bonk).  I also wouldn’t recommend going crazy with Watts.  You need some power behind the bulb, but it’s more important to get the correct bulb.  So here are a few examples of pictures I took with the one bulb.  Next time the lighting will be even better.  🙂

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  1. Amazing. Such a simple solution for a great effect. The pictures look very professional. Congratulations.

  2. Thank you very much! It is an affordable and easy way to take photos of small items. I will have another post when I purchase an extra bulb. There are multiple variations you can have with the Light Box and I want to go over some of that next time. 🙂

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