Our weekend at MTAC 2010 & Debut of my Eureka Cosplay!

Wow, it’s never taken me so long to get a post up!  I have been so busy with costume stuff and being sick!!  I know that is no excuse!!  Now I’m finally free of costume making for a while, but still a little sick.

Here are links to new photos!!  Please go check them out! 🙂

Eureka Cosplay & MTAC 2010 Photos.  If you would like to get the scoop on my others costumes or my adventure with making them, go to: MY COSPLAY

MTAC(Middle Tennessee Anime Con) was little over a week ago and there was a lot that happened!!  Unfortunately not all good, but the weekend was not a lose!  Nashville had a terrible natural disaster, which started Saturday and went through the rest of the weekend.  Massive, slow rain storms brought on terrible flooding which destroyed many businesses and many lost there homes.  Some of our fellow Con friends were affected.  Where I live was also affected, but luckily the section of town where we live is fine.  It’s crazy how the national media wasn’t really covering the flood and it was said to be the most destructive event to happen to Nashville since the war.

Besides the massive rain being dumped on us during the Con, I was having personal battles of my own!  I conveniently got sick Friday morning, a few hours before we were suppose to wake up to drive to Nashville.  I felt heart broken that this would happen around a weekend we had been so excited about and planning for a year!!  For a few reasons…well, it’s MTAC, I was going to debut the second costume I’ve ever fully sewn and wonderful friends of ours from Atlanta were coming to MTAC for the first time!  *sigh*  So suffice to say, I was absent at times during the Con and this made me sad.  Mostly because of missing out on fun times with my friends.

So now, the good stuff!!  Despite how I felt, I was still determined to do the costume contest!  I have never been in any costume contest and thought my Eureka might have a shot at a novice ranking.  So I signed up and went for prejudging early afternoon.  Overall they seemed impressed with the costume.  I don’t want to bore you with the comments.  I’ll give a good thorough overview and description of my costume on my Cosplay section.  🙂

Anyway, I kept my costume on and had to wait till that night to go on stage with all the other contestants.  I ended up chatting with some fun people backstage while we were in line waiting.  Everyone was very nice and supportive of each other, which I really liked.  I didn’t end up winning, but the girl I was chatting with did!  She won the expert round and her costume was awesome.  This is all for fun anyway and sometimes you forget that getting so wrapped up in working so hard on a costume.   Well, at least I’m guilty of that!  lol.  I did realize that I get too stressed with trying to get things done right before these cons.  Everyone is starting to say, “It sucks you are always getting sick at Con time”.  I am going to try my best to get my stuff done ahead of time and my goal is not to be working on any costume stuff the week before.  It’s not like I waited till the last minute to work on Eureka.  I started buying materials months ago and then started working on it two and a half months before the convention.  Oh well.  You start to learn that every costume takes longer to work on than you think it will.

MTAC did have some little improvements from last year!  Even though the dealer room is still small, it was bigger than the years before.  I loved how they had entertainment and raves in the courtyard and we had a primo room for this.  Right above and facing the DJ table.  We were definitely guilty of people watching or should I say watching crazy Otaku!  My buddy Derek, had two great panels about Con photography and posing at a Con.  He is a master at his craft, so he is definitely the one to be leading those panels.

We went to the Risque Cosplay on Saturday night which is definitely an Adult event.  I had no idea it was like a burlesque show!  I thought they just went on stage for a minute with a skimpy costume on.  WOW… They each had to perform a whole dance with music.  Some of it was pretty crazy.  Let me just say:  Tentacle Man Rape Girl!!  Yeah, I think that’s what they were called.  And yes, it pretty much was a man dressed up with tentacles chasing around this girl and pretending to come at her in an aggressive manor.  That’s the nicest way I could describe it.  hehehe…  I thought the winner of the Risque Cosplay definitely deserved the win!  That was Cooking Mama, from the DS video game.  She was very smooth with her moves and gracefulness around the stage.  The big kicker,….she had spinner cupcakes on her boobies!!  Can’t go wrong with that. 😉

Well, I still feel like I really missed out on a lot of fun this year at MTAC, but I’m just going to try my best to make next year’s much better and no stress!  Hopefully no floods either!  There is just something about going around at a Con and not being in normal cloths, acting goofy and silly with friends…  Even though I know I’m on the older end of the scale when it comes to cosplay, that silly fun will not change!

See ya soon!!


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