Mio Akiyama Costume Update

Above: The bodice part of the dress with small gathers at the top.

Just wanted to give a little update!  I thought I would be working non-stop on my costume last time I posted and unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Got distracted by having a yard sale, other boring stuff and going to a pirate party.  And of course there were lots of people dressed up. 🙂

So anyway, I posted a few progress photos.  This dress is so much easier than my last costume.  It’s more like the Oriental Santa dress I made a while ago.  I actually did use part of the pattern from that dress and combined it with another pattern I recently purchased.  I’m also learning how to make ruffles and gathers on this costume and I’m happy with how they came out on the top part of the dress and at the top of the skirt.  There was a little trial and error on that, but it worked out when I got to the satin, which is what the dress is made out of.  Right now there are just some gathers at the top of the dress which gives that nice bunched effect.  It’s exactly what Mio’s dress does!  Whoo (success cheer)!!  Since she has a a bigger ruffle on the top edge, I’m going to practice making a ruffle to go across the top.  The skirt appears to be poofy enough, but I think I want to add something underneath.  So I bought some shiny organdy today for that purpose.  It’s very pretty and has a great soft feel to it.  I want to create a ballooning effect under the dress.  Not for the organdy to stick out when I’m walking, but if I sit down for a picture, I think it would have a nice effect when showing a little out of the bottom edge of the dress.  Okay, I realize that was a very long winded explanation.  Oops!  I will just post more pictures later and you will see what I mean.

Tonight I will finish sewing in the zipper for the back and then I’m almost done!  Need to make the strap that goes up around the neck, decide if I’m going to do a lining, make the top hat and the huge bow.  I really love the huge bow on Mio’s outfit and I hope mine turns out well.  I tried making a miniature test bow the other day and it was an Epic Fail!!  Practice makes perfect.  🙂

Oyasumi nasai!  (Good night),


PS: For anyone paying attention to my posts, I did get my craft room up and going when I said I would, I just slacked when it came to posting about it!  😉  I should be posting some pictures of it in the next two days.

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  1. looks FABULOUS………..the top hat will be the clincher

  2. hehe.. Thanks! I think it would be adorable. Now if I could only play bass left handed, just like the character. 🙂

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