Last Mio Akiyama Costume Update and More!

(Pictured above is a close up of my bow drying with the Fabric Stiffener on it.  See the little beads of liquid?)

You can definitely tell Dragon Con is closing in because everyone is running around like Patrick Stewart is cracking the whip!!  Number ONE,…NUMBER ONE!  Engage!  This is my second year going to this convention and it really is the biggest convention for all of us on the East coast and beyond.  Comic Con in Los Angeles, CA might have the Fancy Pants, but at Dragon Con the party doesn’t stop!  Here’s a link for anyone who is not familar:

The promise I made to myself is to not have any major costume projects being worked on the week before the convention.  I get too stressed out about perfecting my costumes and end up getting sick before the Con or at the Con.   Well, it’s a theory anyway.  I do have one big project that I’m concerned about and that’s working on my Ref board for my Eureka costume.  I really want this board and I think it would take the costume to another level, plus it would just be really cool.  🙂  Another plus, I have something totally amazing being shipping to me that will make my Cortana costume look awesome.  I’m very excited about this and will keep it a surprise for now.  I’ll just say it will not be a lot of work!  Thank god.  So this board will be somewhat dangerous since I’m going to work with fiberglass cloth for the first time and multiple layers of resin.  I’ve got a respirator ready and I’ll be doing it all outside.  Learned my lesson from my last big prop project.  Ahem….Giant Boomerang.

So this is my last post about my Mio Akiyama costume in the making!!  I’m pretty much finished with this costume.  The only thing I have to make with it is the top hat and maybe a liner in the top part of the dress because the ruffles around the waste are scratching my tummy.  I need to find the little black body jewels that are under Mio’s eye, purchase the shoes which I already found online and cut my wig a little.  I’m very happy with this costume!  It’s the most girlie thing I’ve ever made and it has that effect, to bring out my feminine side.  😉  Lol.  I don’t know if it’s the ruffles or the poofiness of the shirt, but it gives a good feeling.  To everyone else at the convention it will probably be the least impressive costume I have, but I will be secretly loving it inside!  🙂

Well here are some last progress photos and the new and improved bow!  I discovered this fabric stiffening stuff and it’s just awesome so far.  We’ll see once I’m wearing the costume out.

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Ja Mata!


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