Mio Akiyama Cosplay – FINISHED!!

Hello All!

I had finished my Mio cosplay back when we went to Dragon Con, but I never posted the final results!!  Well here are the pictures!  CLICK here.  All of the pictures can be seen on My Cosplay page as well.  Please check them out!  🙂  I take a lot of pride in my costumes and I want people to see them.  I was pretty satisfied with this one.  I love how the material underneath the skirt gave it just the right amount of poof and it was such a nice feminine costume to wear!  Making the mini top hat was easy and I wouldn’t mind making more in the future.  The only improvements I would make would be to change the bra.  I used a strapless bra and sewn it into the front of the dress.  It dawned on me later that if I just sewn in padding, I wouldn’t have had trouble with the bra showing in the back.  OH…and I still want to purchase a left handed bass.  I want to get the bass and learn how to play it.  😛  What we do for the things we love!

I also updated my page for the Eureka cosplay I did.  The ref board I was making can also be seen.  I mentioned some updates in the actual text and then added some great new photos my boyfriend and friend Jimmy took.  Please feel free to check them out as well.  I video taped the process of making the Ref Board and I want to edit it and then post it as a tutorial in the future.  Working on that tutorial will take a while so please be patient.  I think that’s all for now!

See ya soon,


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