Dreaming of Tron….Thoughts from a New Fan!

Well Christmas is almost upon us and a lot of us are caught up in last minute shopping, decorating & sending out Christmas cards.  Yeah, I’m one of those people!  Yet some of us sci-fi geeks have been dreaming (in 3D no doubt) of the latest epic remake to hit the big screen…,yes, based on the title of my post…TRON!

I was looking forward to seeing the flick, but I will admit I never saw the original Tron!  Guilty as charged.  🙁  It’s one of those movies that I would see on tv as I was channel surfing and always catch it in the middle.  Then thinking, “strange glowing space bikes with glowing streaks of orange and blue, bad special effects…, don’t really know what’s happening here..”  Then I would change the channel.  I’m sure Tron Guy has it out for me now!!  Uh-oh!

Yes, I was told by friends that seeing the original movie is helpful.  Small details are more appreciated and enhances the new movie.  I will watch the old one to see where all this came from.  I really loved the movie.  If you know me, you know I’m not super critical, but I don’t think there is much to complain about here!  The actors were great, the dialog was good and of course special effects were amazing.  For not having seen the original I was able to follow along pretty well.  There was just the right amount of humor to keep things light.   The main characters were allowed  to still be human enough for you to connect with them.  Unfortunately that is where I felt the Star Wars prequels went wrong.  Keep in mind I am a huge Star Wars fan and I have friends who are better fans than I, who would agree with me.  The characters felt like robots who were devoid of emotion.  Well, except for ANGER!!  😉

So going to the movie with a bunch of my geek/costuming friends, we of course couldn’t help imagining and scheming about ideas for Tron costumes for next year!  Of course you realize people will be doing this for the big conventions next year, but I didn’t want to consider anything till I saw it.  Now I am very inspired, but the outfits look pretty damn difficult and it will mean Ding! Ding! Ding!!…Money and learning new techniques in crafting.  Which are both goals I would love to accomplish anyway.  I haven’t given too much thought as to which character I would like to dress as, but it’s hard to resist Quorra played by Olivia Wilde.  She was gorgeous and played the character well!  It would be cool if we could have a group of girls dress as Sirens from Tron, but I know to pull of the character Jem would be tricky for me.  The white hair would be difficult.  One:  I’m not dying my hair white.  Two: wigs pulled back in a pony tail usually look strange around the edges where the scalp is.

(Quorra) (Jem)

Anyway, in ending, I would definitely recommend going to see Tron, in 3D, in theaters!  It is definitely worth it and I already know people who want to see it a second time!  One of them already has.  🙂

Till next time!

– Kat

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