More about Me & My Top Five Anime fueled by Insomnia

Hey all,

This post might make no sense or maybe I’m very well versed with no sleep.  Who knows!!  Yeah,…since I’ve been unemployed, which unfortunately has been way too long, I have gotten into this 3rd shift type of routine.  I have always been a night owl, but this is ridiculous!  I’ve been getting to bed as late as 3am – 4am some nights and tonight I couldn’t sleep at all.  So I got back out of bed and got on here to try to make something productive out of this insomnia.  In case you didn’t know, the place I worked for shut down and I’ve been out of work since.  I have a lot of hobbies that keep me busy which is good, but some days you just feel like there no reason to get up out of bed.  That sounds pretty awful, but it’s true.  I have been able to stay pretty positive thanks to my boyfriend.  He is extremely supportive and encouraging.  Thanks babe!

…Hey!!  If anyone wants to hire a sweet and creative young lady, I’m your girl!!  I am a good employee, ……You should find out for yourself!!  🙂

Okay, okay…I’ll stop trying to sell myself online.

So back to geeky business!  I’ve been wanting to add a page to my site, just for my watched anime and review of those anime.  I haven’t gotten to this yet, because right now I’m working on improving other items on the site.  Please see my new image buttons I created for my different Cosplay costumes: here.  As you can see, the small thumbnail images are the ones I have not finished yet.  It is a good comparison to see what they were previously.  🙂  I’m really proud of them!

Foiled again, by a side track!!

So for now, I will post on here, my top five anime.  It actually is more difficult to think of all of the anime I’ve watched and I’ve only started watching less than five years ago!  So I had to create a list.  It’s also difficult to choose because anime affects you pretty strongly at the time you are watching the series.  I will only list anime I’ve completely finished watching.

1.  Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood

2.  Chobits

3.  Eureka Seven

4.  K-ON!

5.  Ouran Host Club

okay, so I couldn’t pick just five!!

6.  School Rumble

To be continued!  Another post to discuss my selection!! …………………………………………..

See ya Soon!

-Neko Chan

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