My Cosplay for 2011!

I didn’t want to overload myself this year and try to keep my cosplay projects to one or two.  It looks like I just may be able to do it!  I say that now and watch, I’ll be working on five different projects by summertime.  😛  I have two really neat cosplays I want to do.

Number One!!!…

Black Rock Shooter from..Black Rock Shooter:

I can’t give any extraordinary reason for doing this one other than I’m just fascinated by the look of the character and I’ve been wanting to see this anime.  Also, a super amazing friend of mine wants us to do this together as she wants to cosplay Dead Master.

I always want to take my cosplays a step further than what I’ve seen already done or at least come close to making it look amazing.  I’ve seen a few, really great Black Rock Shooter look a-likes!  Yet I want to take the glowing blue flame over her eye to the next level and try to make it more three dimensional and actually glow.  How cool would that be?  Research has commenced!

Second one!!!…

Elina Vance from Queen’s Blade:

I will admit, this is also an anime I’ve never watched!!  heh,heh..  I was also asked by my amazing, super, awesome friend to do a group cosplay with this one as well!  I’m very excited about it because I’ve been wanting to do a more risqué cosplay and this fits into that category:  the obvious boobage and lack of clothing.  I may have to come up with some type of adjustment for the breasts since mine are not as big as hers.  heh, heh…  I can’t help but…”heh, heh..”

Both of these costumes are in fact a little more risqué!  I’m so excited!!  I can’t wait to get going on these outfits.  I can already tell there will be new challenges and techniques to be learned with this.  I’ll just pray to the costume gods that it’s not freezing when I have to wear them.  😉

To see any of my previous costumes you can click on the My Cosplay button on the right side of the page!  I am updating the buttons to click on each individual costume.  So you will see a few large and then small images.  The small ones are the unfinished buttons.  They will be done soon, thanks!

Ja mata!


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