My BRS Wig has arrived!

A quickie post so you can see a glimpse of my new wig!!  This is for the Black Rock Shooter cosplay I’m getting ready to do.  Dealing with long wigs is pretty much a bitch and it’s going to be even worse with this one because it’s so long, but I still love it and really love the colors.  More posts soon to come!

The character for reference 🙂

…I do want to take a moment to say I was very saddened to wake up to the news this morning and see all the devastation happening in Japan with the earthquake.  I don’t really know anyone in Japan personally, but my boyfriend and I have always loved the culture and want to visit Japan some day.  We feel a connection with this place and the people.  We want to wish them well and a quick recovery.

-Little Neko

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  1. you are SO gonna ROCK IT!!!!!

  2. Ooh, thank you!! I will try my best! Now to get the rest of the costume going 😉

  3. I’m happy there’s other BRS fans like me! LOLZ To bad I didn’t see you :\ I’m planning to go as BRS male version next year^^

  4. I love BRS! It’s one of my favorite anime. It has been one of the most rewarding cosplay groups my girlfriends and I have done together. It was nice to see how amazing their costumes came out as Dead Master and Black Gold Saw!

  5. Hi! What seller off which site did you get this wig? Ive seen one like this on Taobao, but I am really distrustful with the pictures the sellers use, because lots of time the wig looks nothing like the picture -.- thanks!

  6. Hey where did you find that wig? i saw one like it on taobao, but i’m not sure. If its from ebay or something whats the seller? Looks great! the blue is so pretty.

  7. You might check the comments on this post. Otherwise this was quite some time ago that I bought it. It came from a Chinese Ebay seller, just not sure which one. It was a risk to buy from there, but I always look at the seller reviews and rating. I look at multiple items from the seller and see how the word each listing and the images used. That’s the best you can do with foreign sellers.

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