So Here’s the Plan: Queen’s Blade (Elina Cosplay) GO!!

So here is the next big cosplay project on my plate!!

PROJECT: Elina (Boobilicious crazy warrior chick)

MY MISSION: Complete cosplay for Dragon Con (August 1st 2011).  ONLY 2 1/2 months away!!

DETAILS: Elina is a character from the anime Queen’s Blade.  Click here for Wiki info: HERE.  She is Captain of the Royal Guard and kind of nut!  Well, first off I need to purchase all the supplies I need to create the armor and the cloth pieces.  First focusing on the armor cat ears, buying a wig, then working on the chest armor, armor glove & spear.  For some reason I want to hit up the cloth piece last.  I might change my mind later.

I’m really excited  to work on the armor pieces!!  Once again, working on things I’ve never done before, learning all new techniques.  I really love the cat ears and the  armored glove!  I really want all the pieces to look bad ass.  🙂  The plan to achieve Bad-Assery is to a combo of paper clay and resin to achieve an attractive & strong armor.  Also I will have the purple details on the cat ears glow and the purple part of the armor glove glow as well.  Looking into some LEDS for this, but I have no experience with LED’s and I haven’t been able to find some small LED’s so far.  Small enough to fit into the spaces needed.  Bad-Assery status will also not be met unless I’m able to achieve that true metal look.  I have some Rub N Buff but I think I will need some other paints as well to help achieve this.  More research later on this!  ….BAD-ASSERY!!!

Got a little excited there!  🙂

(Above: Some supplies for starting up my armor cat ears!)

I’m not looking forward to hunting down the fabric I’ll need for this one.  I’m guessing there is not going to be a fabric out there with grey and black tiger pattern on it.  Lol.  So I”ll probably have to pick a fabric & maybe air brush the design on.  If I do air brush it, good thing is I can use the air brush to do the boots as well!

(Above: Hmmm, I don’t really know what that’s all about!  lol.)

So yeah,.. I did get my sweet Elina Queen’s Blade figure, as you can tell.  😉  It may seem extreme to buy the figure of the character you are cosplaying, but I think it’s extremely helpful.  It’s much easier to construct something into 3D when you are looking at a three dimensional figure.  I also just enjoy having figures of cosplay I’ve done usually because I really like those character’s anyway.

NOTE:  Since I started this post I have found and purchased LED kits, Wonderflex and a headband for my ears.  I’m a little nervous about getting the ears started for some reason.  Probably because I already know in the back of my mind that it will be more difficult than it looks & I’m going to run into road blocks.  But in the anime spirit I will try my best!


Night, night!

-Neko Chan  =^_^=

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