Sweet Anime Present Arrives!!

Sqwwweeeeeeeee!!  This sweet anime present arrived for me today in the mail!  Many kisses & glomps to my sweet, sweet boyfriend!!


I have been starring at this for a long time on Jlist.com!  I LOOOOOVE K-ON!  and LOOOVE the girls in cute maid outfits!  I guess I kept talking about ordering this shade so many times, that my boyfriend had to reveal that he ordered it for me for my birthday, which was last November!!  That was about 7 months ago.  Ahhh, the glory of pre-orders.  I will be displaying this proudly in my car in most places!   The only place I will not is at work since I will get majorly busted for having little cartoon girls wearing maid outfits in my car window.  ;P

NOTE: If you love fun stuff from Japan, Jlist has a lot of great items!  It’s fun just browsing through the categories to see what they have.  There is an ad for them at the very bottom of my website if you would like to check it out.


Oyasumi nasai (Good night),

-Little Kat

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  1. Oh, that is so cute! I wonder if you’ll get any fanboy notes on your car when you display it. If so, you should post them! ^_^

  2. HA! That would be hilarious! I will definitely post about any notes I might get. 😉

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