Review: Japanese Sandwich Cutter

Hey everyone,
It’s crunch time for Dragon Con (one of the largest conventions in the Eastern U.S.) and so I haven’t had a lot of time to get many posts up, but I want to do my best to keep things rolling.  So here is a nice little review on a Japanese Sandwich Cutter I purchased from one of my favorite shops,.. Happy Japan!


The sandwich cutter was only $5.00 and it can also be used to cut other semi-soft food items, like dough for cookies.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe.  Not sure why you would have it in the microwave.  Maybe one could try cooking an egg in one of the shapes in the microwave?  🙂


You can tell, I’m very stoked about this!  WHOOOA KAWAII SANDWICHES!!


My sandwich of choice, P.B. & J.!  Simple, Rustic, Delicious!!  Thanks Gordan Ramsey. ;P

Sandwich is together & I line up the cutter,…for cutting.  I quickly discover that the cutter is bigger than my sandwich!  Hmmm.

So I decide to angle the cutter off the edges of the sandwich so I only cut with half of the cutter at a time.  This way I am able to fit in all the shapes.  Cause who would wanna leave out the cute kitty head or the heart!


I found to get a complete cut on this bread, I needed to push down good and then slide the cutter against the cutting mat.


There are the smoosh marks on the cutting mat from sliding the cutter a bit.


Ta-dah!  Cute  little shaped sandwich pieces!  Now one more thing I found, at least with the sandwich, is when I took my pieces out of the cutter, they looked a little torn from the top side.  Yet flip the pieces over and they look pretty good (as seen above).


So all in all I like the sandwich cutter.  It’s a good cutter, but not the greatest.   Just because if it was metal it would definitely be more durable and have sharper edges for cutting.  Silicone would also be a great material for this item.

It worked pretty well and I can see it working even better on cheese, lunch meat, cookie dough, etc.  It’s makes your food extremely cute and this is one of the biggest reasons I purchased it.  It’s simply for fun and would be super cute to use for appetizers at a party.  Thanks Japan for making things more kawaii and fun!  This was a positive experience and I will definitely be purchasing more Japanese kitchen items in the future!

  • For my review of this item, I give the Japanese Sandwich Cutter 3 Disembodied Cat Heads out of 5.

Now off to continue my costume work,

-Little Kat

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