Our Venture into GMX 2011

Well, another GMX is over and it was a weekend of fun & emotion. There were friends, costumes, an amazing burlesque show & unfortunately a memorial to honor a lost friend.

One of the most important aspects of a con for me is to hang out with good friends whom I don’t get to see as often as I would like! This definitely held true at GMX. Plus I love seeing people who use their intelligence, creativity and ingenuity to build amazing costumes, props, digital media, robotics, etc. I saw some amazing creations from the Apparition Abolishers! They worked non-stop for the last two months working on variety of steampunk items and creatures! In addition they also put together one of the best burlesque shows I’ve ever seen!  Our friend who is creator of Bar2D2 has made himself this amazing(almost life size) dinosaur skeleton that he wears as a costume!


Plus we were able to meet some guys from MTRAS(Middle TN Robotic Arts Society) & meet one of their robots!  Now if I would have been keener on the schedule and was able to wake up early on Sunday(HA), I would have loved to see the panel they did on Ruben’s Tube.  I saw a video of it this week and was thinking,…. WHERE WAS I??  🙂

Some of my favorite moments of GMX: The 501st party & the dancing that ensued! The burlesque show was freakin’ amazing and we hung out afterwards for some post show partying!


Least favorite moments: Still being in the mood to party late, late Saturday night when everyone else was ready to go to bed & seeing how sad all of my friends were from the loss of Ryan Jones.

If you attend any of the conventions in the area or in surrounding states, you might have know of a costumer named Ryan Jones. Unfortunately he passed away the week of the convention. This was of course extremely shocking for all of those that knew him & even those who only knew him in passing as an amazing Dr. Who cosplayer. I mean, he looked just like the guy. He was also an amazing musician in the band Lo-Cash Cowboys. Besides all of that Ryan seem to shine most as a good person, great friend and fiance. I unfortunately didn’t really know Ryan that well, but I wish I did. I have many close friends who did know him well, for years now. To see how he has inspired them and to see how many people came together at the memorial this weekend to honor him was amazing and so touching. It’s wonderful to know there are people in the world like Ryan. Of course this was a very emotional time during the convention. Not a dry eye in the house. Here is the link to the tribute video for Ryan friends: http://youtu.be/GHSVCZ4QvtI

GMX found its way this year to the Millenium Maxwell House hotel in Nashville.  Sad thing is, I wasn’t super fond of the old hotel, but not that fond of the new one either! lol. This wasn’t problem enough to keep me from enjoying GMX! Oh no!! I thought the GMX staff were cool and the hotel staff were very helpful and friendly. I loved having the patio and grassy area in the back of the hotel for events & photos. The hotel restaurant was expensive, but the food was decent and I enjoyed the buffets they set up.


I feel bad reporting about GMX with not having attended many panels, but I still have a blast at the convention and there are many ways to experience the con! 😉

Why the hotel sucked? Well, if you would like to know:  the events being on multiple floors so you had to fight for the elevators or you might not know something is going on, they wouldn’t let us check in early(if the Marriott Marquis for Dragon Con can do it??), there was little sink space & no full length mirrors in the room. You laugh, but for someone trying to see if their costume is looking good before heading out, this is important and usually standard in a hotel room. The heating/cooling unit in our room wouldn’t heat! They actually came and put in a completely new unit. The gentleman who came to fix the unit was super nice and he actually has been to a convention in San Diego. We had a little chat while my friend & I were getting ready. 😉 Well, after the unit was replaced, it would work some of the time and make a loud clicking noise. Lol.

So that’s my dig on this year’s GMX!  I’m glad it’s growing and I look forward to seeing it get better & better every year!   Till next time.

And I just like these two pics.  hehe…  You know,.. I don’t have enough pictures of my Black Rock Shooter costume!!


To see all of our photos from GMX please see them on my Conventions page or click here!  And all of the photos in this post can be seen in larger format by simply clicking on them!  🙂


Love ya’s!


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