Korean Drama Addiction Strikes Again: Boys Over Flowers

I haven’t been addicted to any type of show in the last few years like I have with the few Korean Dramas I’ve watched!  So far I’ve watched two series in competition and have recently started up a new series.  So far I’ve watched Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam Soon and now Boys Over Flowers.  Love them all!!  Funny thing is, they all have similar characteristics.  All have had a romantic interest between someone who’s rich and poor, all have been a bit over dramatic and have all had a nice sense of humor.  The latest show, Boys Over Flowers is probably the most unrealistic story I’ve watched and the acting is extremely over the top.  Basically it’s a story about a girl, Geum Jan Di, who lives a common life with her parents and brother.  Her family owns a dry cleaning business and one day they send her out to deliver some clothes to a boy at the local school for the rich, Shin Hwa School.  To keep the story short as possible: The customer who had the dry cleaning was a boy who was being targeted by the students and being beat up.  He was targeted by the popular rich kid gang who ran the school called, F4.


Jan Di ends up saving the boys life as he’s ready to jump off the school roof because he’s had enough.  To save face the school asks Jan Di to enroll there off of a swimming scholarship.  Through all of this Jan Di ends up becoming a target herself and getting into it with the leader and rich kid, pretty boy of F4, Gu Jun Pyo.  Needless to say romantic adventures ensue thereafter.  With who, I can’t say yet seeing as I’m only a few episodes in.

Now, you say, why would you keep watching this crazy show if the acting is so over the top?  If there are very unrealistic features: a rich school where you never see any teachers, no adults to be found, the students just seem to do whatever they want and constantly torment whom they please to ridiculous extents.  When you find yourself laughing at the scenes where the hot F4 guys come walking into school and there’s rays of sunlight coming down from the heavens as they come through the doors,.. literally.

The lead cast of Boys Over Flowers

Well…, I just love it and I can not wait to see what happens next!  I can’t stop thinking about the show when I’m not watching it.  Dangerous, I know!

When I watched the first episode I didn’t like all of the over acting at first, but then I realized it’s over the top on purpose.  Once I reached the end of the first episode, I was already wanting more.  It’s suppose to be dramatic and light hearted so I believe they can get away with it and still be successful.  The characters are so likable and yes, those guys are hot.  😉  I actually enjoy making fun of some it at times, but I can still get deep into the story and really feel for/or against the characters.


So you ladies or guys out there, you NEED to start watching Boys Over Flowers with me!!  It would be so much fun to rave over it together!!

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

(My little girl self talkin’, “I’m totally crushing on Kim Hyun Joong!!  Hot!”)

So you may think I sound like a lame old woman talking about her soaps, but I have a feeling if you gave Korean Dramas a chance, you would get sucked right in with me.  I think it’s much better than the American soaps your mom used to watch before Opera came on.  It typically has a younger cast and it’s more of a really long movie than how soaps have a lot of different characters with mediocre stories that seem to move along forever and ever.

Boys Over Flowers is based on a Manga (after my own heart) and it was a huge hit in South Korea.  Many of the cast became extremely popular after the show and men in Korean actually started dressing differently because of influence of the F4 gang!  I mean, they are hot so…  😉

Na joong ae bo ja (See you later),


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  1. So nice and sad story,can’t wait to watch.

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