Merry Christmas: Wallpapers for You!

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

This isn’t a big corporate retail business so I don’t have to say “Happy Holidays”.  😉

I hope everyone has been having a great time this season.  I know for me and my friends it’s a bit of a resting period for costuming, but get ready!   It’s about to start up again and I’ll be back to stressin’ over getting things done in time.  So is life!

We made our way to another Santa Rampage this year and it was fun like always.  I rewore Christmas Kitty and got a few more nice pictures so I added them to the cosplay section:  I apologize that some of my thumbnails are blurring.  I’m trying to figure out why and will fix them soon.  If you click on the images they will be clear.  🙂

The same day as Santa Rampage my boyfriend and I stopped in one of my favorite little shops, Happy Japan in Nashville!  I decided to show up in my Kitty outfit thinking it was appropriate and they have probably seen people come in in costume before.  Funny thing is, I got absolutely no reaction from anyone in there.   So I guess I was right!  Lol.  I had to get a few pictures with the giant cat bus they have!

I know it’s not cash or the winning lottery ticket, but here are some of my favorite wallpapers that I’ve found randomly on the internet.  I did not make these myself.  I wish I was talented enough to make one.  I’m still a bit of a novice in Photoshop.  So I hope you enjoy!  I figured if I posted all Christmas wallpaper you wouldn’t be able to use them since Christmas is over.  So no Holiday wallpapers this time around.  🙂

Just in case you don’t know how to save:   You can click on the image you want to enlarge it and then right click it, then choose Save As to save it to your computer.  When you click an image to see it, the preview will look smaller than the image actually is.  When you view the file on your computer you will see it’s bigger.  All of the images are not the same size.  Enjoy!

Have a Happy and Warm Holiday Season,

-Little Kat


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