Ode to the Con that Never Sleeps… Dragon Con!

Our 4th year visit to the con that never sleeps was amazing!  There is something magical about Dragon Con and how it flows.  Everyone I know, who goes, works their hardest to make some of their best costumes for the whole year!  They also go to extremes, arriving days before the con in preparation.  Some even work out to look best in their costumes or have extra primping done as well.  I had my nails done a few days ahead of time for costumes I was wearing!  Not to mention this was a stress reliever and I needed it.  🙂

Even after going to something as epic as Anime Expo in California, I have to say Dragon Con has its own special place and feel.  It’s well known in con circles that if you have a friend who’s never been to a con, but wants to go,  DON’T TAKE THEM TO DRAGON CON FOR  THEIR FIRST CON!!  🙂  Reason being?  Every other con will seem tiny and feeble in comparison.  That doesn’t mean the smaller cons aren’t awesome in their own way!  They have their own benefits and shouldn’t be overlooked.

So movin’ on!

This year, for my friends and I, it was one of the best D*Con’s we’ve had in a long time!  We enjoyed precious time with close friends.  There were epic moments. great costume moments, silly moments and a few celebrity moments.

My boyfriend had a few costumes put together, but he always struggles with picking costumes to do.  Well, months ago we found the video by PSY that NOW, everyone is going ga ga over.  It instantly become my new favorite song and video.  I said, “You should totally go as the lead singer in the video!”  Did I mention he’s Korean?  😉  Well he was able to find a powder blue suit top at the thrift store and I showed him the bias tape to add to the trim.  He sewed it on himself and did a great job!  A few other accessories completed the outfit.  He wore it out Friday night and was a huge hit!  I could tell he was having a blast with people constantly asking for his picture and wanting him to dance with them.  It was so great seeing him get all the attention and having a blast.  I only wish we could have gotten into the music video that another con goer made with the PSY song.  We even spoke to him, but got sidetracked with other plans going on and forgot to contact him later.  Oh well!  I want to make my own Gangnam Style video at a future con.  There is more than one reason for this.  I also posted on the FB wall of one of the DJ’s doing the rave at D*Con and mentioned he should mix the Gangnam Style song for the rave.  He actually replied to me and apparently played the song, but it wasn’t till 5:34am when I was asleep!  A few of my friends who were still up said everyone went ape shit when he played it!!  I am soooo bummed I missed it.  So to make up for us missing all the awesome Gangnam Style stuff, we are going to do our own video!  Lol.  Yeah, I’m totally going to contribute to the internet pile of parody videos!


So I had a great run with my costumes and a few cool things happened!  Thursday night a few of my friends & I were asked to model some leather work from Twisted World.  I wore this amazing corset!  At first I couldn’t breath in it, but after a little bit the leather relaxed and I felt fine.  So there was a party to show off the leather work and costumes from Kitty Couture.  We also walked around the con showing off the cool leather work.

Friday night my costumes were all timed right on top of each other, but luckily I was still able to pull everything off.  🙂  The J Scott. Campbell Fairy Tale shoot was awesome!  This is a costume group where we dress as characters from Scott J. Campbell’s Fairy Tale artwork.  Check out some of his work here.    The man himself showed up at the shoot!  Mr. Campbell was very nice and even helped us with poses to match the artwork.  Unfortunately I had to get my photos in and get out of there to get into my Raver Pony.  I had so many nice comments about my costume.  People loved the wings!   If only they weren’t so fragile I would have loved to take them onto the con floor.

Raver Fluttershy didn’t go too badly, although I had my con break down moment with this costume!  Lol.  Btw, a “Con Break Down” is when you start freaking out because something you planned isn’t going right.  You also have thoughts of giving up and ripping off your costume.  It was getting late and I was trying to put the krin into the wig and the hair bands that were to hold the krin in was kind of big.  So it kept showing up and looked all kinky.  I wasn’t happy, but a friend in the suite next door helped me out and they thought the costume looked cute.  So after some doubt I went on out to the con.  It finally grew on me after I calmed down and people told me it was really cute!  Lol.  I worked on Fluttershy’s wings in our hotel room, but the wings wouldn’t stay the way they should so I left them off of the costume.  I will remake them for GMX.  Here is a link to my Facebook page with a picture of Raver version of Fluttershy: here.  One thing I really loved about this cosplay was ninty percent of it was made by my amazing friends!  Ashley from Corsair’s Boutique made my tutu & cincher!  Click here to see her Etsy shop!  Another friend whom you have seen me costume with many times, Jessica, made my pony ears!  Thank you so much for helping me out and bringing me into the whole MLP scene ladies.  🙂

Saturday I wore my Maya (Borderlands 2) cosplay during the evening.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I want the wig to be a little less fluffy.  I may trim it some more.  My friends and I planned to go to the Aquarium since they had a Dragon Con night there where they invited the costumers from the con, had drinks available and the Aquarium stayed open longer than usual.   They were cool with letting us take pictures up against some of the tanks.  Got a cool shot from the gang at Angry Dog Studios!

After the aquarium we came out to mingle in the con crowd.  I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked of Maya, but I did   I was a little bummed, at first, because Gearbox producers and art directors actually came to Dragon Con and was going to miss their Saturday night panel.  Dragon Con doesn’t typically get a lot of representatives from major game companies because PAX is during the same weekend.  This was so exciting with Borderlands 2 being released a few weeks after the con (I pick up my pre-order tomorrow 😉  )  AND since I was doing the Maya cosplay.  So missing the panel on Saturday, I ran to the Sunday panel and just made it in.  Didn’t even get to eat my lunch so I took it into the panel with me.  The panel was fun and informative!  They showed a video and shots from the new game, but I was stuck between room dividers and couldn’t see the screen.  The panel was packed and they shut the door a few people after I went in.  I felt a bit nervous and lame wanting to show them pictures of the Maya cosplay from the night before, but it was all I had since I wasn’t dressed up in the panel.  I waited till the panel was over and went up to see if I could talk to the two gentlemen who held the panel.  There was a big group of cosplayers there and they got a group photo with the guys.  When I finally had the chance I said, “I actually wasn’t able to make it to your panel yesterday and I dressed as Maya and wanted to at least show you some of the pictures.”  This was before the photos they had to get taken and he actually said, “Ooh!  This is great!  Would you mind waiting here just a moment.”  Then he spoke to me after the photos and asked if I would mind emailing my pictures to them because they really love people cosplaying the characters.  I was so excited to received the producer’s business card!  I’m sure they give it to everyone they see in the panels, but I don’t care.  I actually was able to meet them and they may get to see my pictures directly.  That’s so freakin’ cool!

On top of all that I was able to see most of the Josh Gates panel.  My friend and I were able to meet him and get a picture with him!  Other friends of mine won in the big masquerade!  Leah Andrea (of the Apparition Abolishers) won Best In Show for her steampunk cosplay with iPhone controlled wings!  My friends Jamie and Julie Price won for best monster with their huge dinosaurs.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I had some amazingly talented friends!  😉  So many of them do amazing things that don’t always get showcased.  So this was an epic weekend!  I’ve added some of the best photos to the Convention section HERE.  Please take a look at them!  There are a lot of great photos and the entire album is up on Flickr: HERE!  Don’t forget to take a look there as well.


-Little Neko



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