Updated Fluttershy Cosplay section!

Hey gang!  I finally have a little free time on my hands!!  OH MY GOSH!!  Free time, what’s that??  Hehe..  So I finally updated My Cosplay page on the site by adding my Fluttershy cosplay!  There are some great photos in there my friend Jimmy from Angry Dog Studios took of us at GMX last year.  Please check them out.  I know it’s hard to stray away from FB these days, so I appreciate it!  😉  No really, I think people are just not going on any other site.  Okay…, I take that back people are on Pinterest and Etsy.  ;P

My boyfriend actually took some really sweet pictures of this cosplay as well, but he never uploaded them to the net.  Tisk!  Tisk!  He also takes on too many projects like you’re truly.  I’ll be adding them later.  Still have to add my Blue Fairy cosplay and Ririchiyo!  Can’t wait to see the photos my boyfriend took of the Ririchiyo cosplay.  Still haven’t seen them.  🙂

Here is a link the the Fluttershy photos and costume page: http://littleneko.com/catagories/my-cosplay/fluttershy-raver-style-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/

Okay, I’m out!

Night night!

-Little Kat

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