Anime You Need to Catch Up On from 2013

Hey Everyone!  Happy New Year!!  That 2013 I tell ya… WHAT a bugger.  Heh..

Are you excited about 2014?  I am, but personally, I try to ignore all the happy and positive posts online around New Years.  It’s just sad watching how most of the time people can’t follow through with all of those goals.  I did feel a little kick of inspiration though, thinking about how I would really love to take control of my life, this year and change my stars.  I really haven’t done that.  I know I’ve been lazy and scared that I’m too old for certain things.  I really want to loose that mentality.  If anyone has any life advice for that one feel free to contact me.  I know I want to definitely post more contact on LittleNeko this year and post content that will be helpful to others.

So movin’ on!  My boyfriend and I have been pretty good about watching new anime and I thought 2013 was a fantastic year for anime.  Now these will not really go in dated order, but if you haven’t watched them yet then it shouldn’t matter too much.  I will post them in my own favorited order and links to where you can watch them.  🙂   I won’t get into describing each anime, but a brief synopses can be found at the website links.

It’s very very difficult for me to pick a favorite anime and put them in order!  I love all these shows and have a strong affection for the top 6 I’m listing with the top 3 being my favorite.  Lol.   So here it is!

  1. Beyond the Boundary (Kyokai No Kanata)
    Watch here:
     This is another anime made by Kyoto Animation Studios.  I absolutely love their animation style and I really love the main character Mirai Kuriyama!  You will enjoy little bits of comedy, romance, drama, an interesting story & some great fight scenes. My only negative on this one is the last episode.  Some things were left unexplained which were needed and it could used a little more umph.
  2. A Certain Scientific Railgun (Toaru Kagaku no Choudenjihou) Season 2
    Watch here:
    The Railgun series is one of my favorite anime series.  It’s a spin off of A Certain Magical Index (which I didn’t like as much).  You should watch Season 1 before watching Season 2.  Season 2 isn’t really a continuation from the first season.  The episodes tend to revisit and explain more about Misaka Mikoto origins and why we see clones of her in A Certain Magical Index.  Both seasons both have great strengths, but Season 2 really has some great climatic moments and even gets dark with the story, which makes it all the better.  Once again, I’m a big fan of the main character also know as Biri Biri.
  3. Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Aoki Hagane no Arupejio)
    Watch here:
    We just finished watching this anime and once again enjoyed the character and animation style.  Who doesn’t love girls who are sentient battleship and submarines?  The anime moves along pretty quickly through each episode and it truly needs to have a second season since there are still so many unanswered questions.
  4. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo)
    Watch here:
    This is another anime set in high school.  I’ve watched a lot of these type and do enjoy them.  There are some better than others and this is one of them.  What I keep wondering is if Japanese people think life is over after high school?  😉  I remember having some laughs and shedding a few tears while I watched this one.
  5. Tamako Market (Tamako Māketto)
    Watch here:
    Another Kyoto Animation gem!  This show is simply adorable.  I’ve written a small review on it previously (here).  Please check it out!  You’ll feel the warm fuzzies too!
  6. Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?  (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?)
    Watch here:
    An anime with a really long name, which I just call “Problem Children” for short is a fun, fantasy!  I’m sad to hear that this show didn’t do well in Japan, but did very well here in the United States.  The problem with that is it will probably not get a second season which it really needs.  The anime has so many possibilities for an interesting continuation.  I still think if we got more people to watch and it became more popular, maybe it would receive a second look from Japanese audiences.  I mean, come on!  It has an adorable Bunny character who changes color?!
  7. Kill La Kill (Kiru ra Kiru)
    Watch here:
    This show is blowing up!  I wrote a little bit about it in October (here).  This anime is fun, humorous and has some epic risque costume changes.  The animation is exaggerated and reminds me of Soul Eater.  Sounds good?  Then get to watchin;!
  8. Gintama (Silver Soul)
    Watch here:
    Gintama is a long running anime like Naruto.  We are really behind on the episodes but just keep watching it when we can.  Gintama is comedy about a Samurai and his friends.  Gintama tends to live a bum live half of the time, but then completely shines in the bleakest moments.  We often laugh out loud while watching this one.  🙂
  9. Love Lab (Rabu Rabo)
    Watch here:
    This anime is another high school comedy.  It’s really cute and fun if you enjoy kawaii.  🙂
  10. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    Watch here:
    If you watch anime pretty regularly or go to conventions then you know Attack on Titan is really popular.  It is a darker anime about the last of humanity trying to stay alive against these giant creatures known as Titans.  I think it’s pretty dark for myself and my boyfriend, but we have watched every episode.  I don’t know if we keep hoping there will be a little light at the end of the tunnel or??  Well, I believe we watched it all because it has some pretty intense “Holy Shit” moments and it is animated well.  The story is pretty interesting, but it takes a while for it to move along.  If you like some gore and to watch characters in constant misery you are in for a treat!  😉

So there you have it!  I hope this helps out those who wanna catch up on some anime from 2013 and I’m a bit of a completest so I always advise people to watch something through to the end.  Sometimes it takes an anime a little bit of time for the story to get going because the creators take some much care into the detail of the characters and story.  It’s something I truly love and appreciate from anime.

Till next time,

Happy New Year!!

-Little Neko


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