Mirai Kuriyama and Iona Debuted at Katsucon 2014

Weeeeeee!  Hello internet!

So we got back from a personal trip up to PA about two weeks ago and caped off the end of the trip with a stop at Baltimore, MD, to go to Katsucon for the first time!  Katsucon was a lot of fun.  For me, fun just being at a con in the North since I’m from the North and it was at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.  So if you’ve ever been to a Gaylord hotel you would know it’s beautiful!  They typically have an arboretum feel.  The whole inside of the hotel is a huge space with plant and water features.  Beautiful floors and structures.  So of course it’s a dreamy background for cosplayer photography!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I ended up having a short time to put together costumes for Katsucon.  I had about two months.  I fell in love with Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata) and was determined to cosplay her.  I also really love the character from Arpeggio of Blue Steel and trying to see which character I liked and could pull off in such a short time.  So I went for Iona who is the lead female character in the story.  I truly have a soft spot for Haruna, but her costume is very complex and will take a while to put together.  So maybe for a later date!

So here are a few of the best shots of both costumes.                                                                   I wore my Mirai cosplay on Friday all day.  I worked on her last and so I ran out of time to make her school jacket from scratch.  So I ended up finding a cheap jacket and altering it.  I was able to get the skirt made, got her stockings, shoes and happen to have the wig.  My wonderful boyfriend wanted to jump in and make the Blood Sword.  Despite having a few set backs with the resin, it’s turned out great!

See the rest of my Mirai Kuriyama pics here! : http://littleneko.com/catagories/my-cosplay/mirai-kuriyama-beyond-the-boundary/

I wore my Iona cosplay on Saturday.  I believe I was the only Arpeggio of Blue Steel cosplayer in the place!  Iona was all made from scratch.  Her collar was a bugger, but I got it done somehow!  🙂

See more Iona pictures here! : http://littleneko.com/catagories/my-cosplay/iona-arpeggio-of-blue-steel/

Thanks for watching!  If I’m a good girl, I’ll be posting my progress pics from both costumes on here.  AND my boyfriend’s wonderful pictures from Katsucon 2014 are here! : http://animememe.com/2014/03/02/katsucon-2014-pics/  Please check them out!

I have also been working on getting LittleNeko.com it’s own social media pages.  So here are some updates:

I would love it if you would follow me on any of these accounts, but I tend to post on Facebook the most, which auto-posts to Twitter.  Google+ I’ve had some issues with, but will still try my best to keep it up to date.  Videos soon to come on Youtube!

So enough of the self promos!  I’m off!

Have a great day!

-Little Neko




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