The Calm After the Storm that is Dragon Con

Hello All,

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from Dragon Con.  It usually goes like this: You come back home, drag all or some of your belongings from the vehicle, plop them down in the living room, then don’t unpack for about a week or so.  You find what little you have left to eat and try to make a meal for yourselves or order pizza.  For us it was ramen noodles!  You pass out on the couch.  Then finally comes a feeling a dread when you think about going back to work.  Sound familiar?  That’s right.  You are experiencing what we like to call PCD or Post Con Depression.

Dragon Con, in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast.  We’ll discuss how big in a minute.  First I have to say there is something magical about this convention.  People just go nuts to prepare some of their best or most obscure costumes.  They even get excited to create original designs and it’s one of the places where original designs can get appreciated.

D-Con 2014 (8 of 153)

There are so many ups and downs to the epic costumes!  You usually get all these amazing ideas after going to Dragon Con the year before or a couple months before the con.  Or suddenly your friends ask you to join them in an amazing group.  Then all of a sudden you have 6 costumes when you planned on doing only one new costume because you didn’t want to stress so much…..  Oh wait!!  That was my prep experience!  😉

For myself and most of my friends the convention is all about the costumes and hanging out with good people.  It’s always fun and a bit awkward explaining to my normie friends what one does at a con.  Of course at Dragon Con you can usually see a plethora of celebrities and the fun part is running into them in the elevator or on the floor.  I think I rode with one of the guys from Almost Human.  Funny thing was I just recognized him, but didn’t know what he was from.  I just chatted casually with this handsome guy.  🙂

Something very exciting and a little stressful for us this year was being in the Dragon Con parade for the first time ever!  My boyfriend joined me in the Borderlands costume group and we marched with them.

D-Con 2014 (66 of 153) D-Con 2014 (81 of 153)

The Borderlands group has been such a fun and friendly group the last two years.  They were fun in the parade as well.  We had Tiny Tina’s skipping around and talking to the crowd.  We had psycho bandits making creepy banter with the kids on the sidelines.  It was the BEST DAY EVER!!

So if you went to the con this year, you know there were some problems that arose, some not surprising.  If you have a fear of crowds, then run away!  You thought it was busy last year?  Oh no.  It was ridiculously packed.  So bad that on Saturday a lot of people felt like just staying in their rooms and partying to get away from the crowds or going to the Aquarium to get away from the con for a bit.  Thursday has become the new Friday and Friday has become the new Saturday and well…, who the hell knows what Saturday has become.

I didn’t run into any creepers luckily, but i heard some people did.  I imagine in a crowd of 70,000 people that is bound to happen unfortunately.  We just need to remember to continue to use common sense and protect ourselves from idiots.  Another downer is how busy and confusing the dealers rooms are to get around.  Luckily I heard from a dealer they are moving the dealers rooms and making two large rooms next year, in a different building.  I think this will be better.

By the way, cheers to Dragon Con for having the fastest and most awesome registration line ever, this year!!  It was amazing.  We were in there so fast, I almost didn’t have my ID and such out by the time I was at the front of the line.  Much improved from the 4 1/2 hour wait I had about 2 years ago.  Thank you!

D-Con 2014 (153 of 153)

So I have more I could say about the con, but I’m sure you’ve had enough for now.  I’ll wait to make another post where I can talk about ma costumes!  Yay!

So have a good one!  I’m gonna get back to catching up on life now.

Ja Mata!

-Little Neko

PS:  Dragon Con picture gallery soon to come!


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