Casual Fun at Connooga 2015

We took our yearly trek to Chattanooga for this year’s Connooga and we had a great time!  Although some of my friends had some nasty problems with their rooms.  Ugh!  I’ll tell you all about it in a minute.

It was quite the casual weekend for me because I really didn’t put on any crazy costumes.  I did get out my flight suit from my old Lady Jaye costume and wore it around Friday night.  It was warm and nice and comfy.  What a change from how I usually feel in costume!  I also ended up borrowing a kigurumi from a friend because some others were wearing them out Saturday.  Also super comfy.  Why can’t all costumes be like this?  Well, for me it’s mainly because wigs and contacts hurt me.  I guess I’m sensitive and I hate admitting that.

So back to the room story!  One of my friends got into their room and saw something crawling on the bed.  They flipped up the pillow to find a whole bunch of bed bugs crawling everywhere.  If you just got the hibbie-jibbies you are not alone!  Let me tell you they handled it in a much calmer way than I would have.  They were compted for it, I believe, and were given a different room.  I have to say this year has made me realize how run down and un-maintained the Choo Choo hotel is.  It’s really sad because it’s a fun property to be at.  The trains and historically preserved buildings are wonderful but the hotel portion has really been let go.  They are apparently doing some major renovations to the property this year, but I think some more important things need to be worked on first, like the BUGS!  Luckily we were in a different building and didn’t have that issue but our room had it’s run down features.

As for the convention, I enjoyed the dealers room and the space that’s in the convention center, but I still don’t like having to get on a bus to get to the other half of the convention.  If the convention center was across the street or something like that it would be just fine, but there is always a disconnect when you need transportation between locations.

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Us on da bus!


We attended a Photoshop panel that I actually learned something from so I was very excited about that.  I finally got my picture in the bat mobile and the room parties this year were actually a good time.  I didn’t enjoy them last year.  This year, for the most part, you weren’t packed into each room like sardines and the drinks from each room were pretty good.  We actually had fun dancing in the Alice in Wonderland themed party.  I almost forgot!  We even went on a small ghost tour of the Choo Choo that was part of the convention schedule and it was fun.  And as always I have the most fun just meeting up with my friends.  That’s always the best.  I had some wonderful conversations.  🙂

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Here is a link to all of our Connooga pictures!  Mostly casual shots with friends, but please enjoy:

I apologize if things have been slow on the site for me lately.  Emotionally things have been a bit tough so I haven’t been able to work on costume projects lately.  I can put on a brave face when I need to, at work or around friends, but I’m really hoping for some positive changes this year.  I welcome any positive energy you wanna send my way!  I greatly appreciate all of your support.

Till next time,

Little Kat

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  1. I’m about to look through your pics–I’m glad you had a good time! I really missed seeing you guys, but staying at home ended up working out for the best for me this year. (Ugh, car trouble.) I really hope we can make it next year.

    I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough time. I feel like I’ve been in a creative rut for the last year or so. I’m finally starting to get out of it. You can always message me or call me if you want to talk! I <3 ya!

  2. Thank you so much Jess! I really appreciate it. 🙂 I might have to give you a ring sometime!

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