Getting Back in the Game

I hope everyone else has had a good winter season.  I, for one, had a crazy time with a big winter storm that came through.  We got stuck at our home first with ice then with 7 inches of snow!  Despite the sad pay check that followed after not being at work all that time, I very much enjoyed the seeing the snow and playing in it.  I revert back into a child when it snows.  Took a lot of pictures and video and I’m about to go through them now.

I don’t know how 2015 went for most of you, but I know it was a terrible year for myself, my boyfriend and many of my dear friends.  Unfortunately a good number of my friends have had deaths in the family and we did as well.  Donnie’s father passed away unexpectedly and it’s been difficult emotionally for all of us.  Before all of that happened we were in the process of moving, which is a huge deal for Donnie and I.  The new house is wonderful and it was one of the few highlights of our 2015.  It really is like a life accomplishment for me!  It’s my first house and it has a lot of what I’ve always wanted.

So I just wanted to give a little info on what’s been affecting us through last year.  It pretty much put a halt on a lot of things which sucks.  We managed to still enjoy some time with friends and make it to a few conventions although motivation to work on projects has been very lacking.  There has been no costume work, loads of media sitting on SD cards or on cameras that never got posted from events we went to.  I’m really hoping to change that and get things back in gear this year.  I’m very excited to take advantage of having a new year to turn things around.  Not that one should wait for an excuse like a new year to get things going, but yeah, that’s what I’m doing.  🙂  I am “using” the new year as an outlook for a new start, like a lot of people tend to do.  I don’t know if everything that has happened caused this, but it feels like, we have entered into a new phase in our life.  Does anyone else feel like this?  It really feels like things have changed lately, at least for me.  It feels like certain clicks of people have changed, getting a little older has caused changes (I will resist that one as much as I possibly can) and unfortunately people who were here aren’t now making things different.  I know I personally don’t enjoy the “getting older” changes.  In fact I hate it.  I am trying to just deal with it as best I can and try not to loose myself to age.  Those of you in my shoes will understand that last one.  I also have family that I am very close to and worry about all the time.

So this post was very somber in mood, but I hope it signifies the ending of a difficult time and the beginning of new challenges and some big achievements.   I know I’m not out of the woods yet.  I hope to all of you out there that are struggling, like myself, know you are not alone.  We can get out of that hole we put ourselves into.  I’m not sure just how yet, but I know it will take some extra effort.  The first thing I’m going to do is try to make a goal list and have it put up somewhere in plain sight, so it can’t be missed.  This is an idea I got from Donnie so credit goes to him!  Last year him and I made a goal list and had it written down in some note book which then got promptly closed up and put somewhere.  Who knows where that damned notebook is now.  Try to keep your list from getting too long.  In the past I ended up writing down every little thing, which made the list seem overwhelming.  It’s good to put items on there that seem really difficult, but are totally possible.  Don’t cut yourself short.  So for example, something like, “Getting a New Job” is a big achievement and will be difficult, but i’s not unattainable.  If you have always wanted a garden, that’s cool too, put it on there.  So it can be a list of needs and wants.  We’ll see how this works for me.  My big problem lately is motivation.  I have a feeling I may need to cut down some things so I can get everything back on track.  If anyone out there does the list or finds new ways to motivate, please let me know!  I’d love to hear how you are doing.  🙂

I am sad that I haven’t had any costume work in a long time and want to get back into the game!  So I’m going to try to find something maybe for Connooga, which is coming up fast!  Anyone have any suggestions for something comfortable, easy and possible warm since it’s usually freezing when we are there?  Okay, I’m off!

Later Gator,

-Little Kat

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