Food Review Video: Chobani Flips, Pumpkin Harvest Crisp

Hey gang,

You know I love dat yogurt.  Well only Chobani Flips and one other flavor of Oikos.  So here’s another, hopefully entertaining, review for yas.  😉


Happy Monday!  Go eat some Flips!  😉


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  1. Just gotta beg you off subject – awesome bias tape maker demo – can you vid up an expo of putting a bias tape on a,quilt? Sure there are plenty of vids out there but you’re voice is NOT annoying! Geez i am such an old fat chauvinist cant think of the word anyhow so many quilting chicks have that high pitched squeaky thing going on. Blah!

  2. I thought I replied to your comment long ago, but if I did not, I apologize! I don’t quilt unfortunately. I would try to answer a question for you if I knew the answer. 🙂

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