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˜Some Anime ~

When I was really young I wanted to watch Anime, but my friends wouldn’t have it.  I know they didn’t mean it in a negative way and I was the only Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek, in the group.  To them anime & sci-fi were strange and unusual.  Surprisingly my parents were big on Sci-Fi and we would often watch shows (Star Trek, Sea Quest, etc)  with dinner.  

Small side story:  One day, back in junior high, my close girlfriends and I were at the local Blockbuster, looking for something to watch that night.  Yes, mom or dad had to drive us!  We were pretty innocent kids, we never did anything that crazy.  Just went to each others house, went to the mall or rollerskating.  Anyway, I happen to see some anime on the shelf at the movie store and said, “That looks neat, can we rent that??” Of course it had some fantasy looking characters on the box and I loved fantasy.  My friends replied with, “No way, we’re not renting that!” And they gave a bewildered look. 

Many moons later, I’m glad I finally found my way back to anime, with a little help from my sweetie!  😉

˜Some Cosplay˜

My interests in cosplay started in 2007, but I’ve always loved dressing up since I was little.  I don’t think there’s been a Halloween that I haven’t dressed up. 🙂  It feels like it didn’t take long to become a Convention Veteran and it’s been an amazing experience!  Some of my, now, closest friends I have met at conventions and they are extremely talented with costuming & prop making.  Despite the stereo types of geeks, these people are very cool and know how to have fun!   Cosplay and going to conventions has become a important part of my life and I’m very proud of what I’ve created and the connections I’ve made because of it.  🙂  

˜Some gaming˜

I have been a gamer since I was a little girl and had my NES.  I still have it, in fact, and it’s in great condition!  🙂  I still enjoy the classics and I think my favorite console as a child was the Super NES.  Many ‘O’ hours were wasted away playing Mario, Star Fox, Mortal Kombat and a bunch of other games.  Then I ended up having two Gameboys.   Ahhhh, the trials of a divorced family… Anyway, I am now a big Xbox Live fan and love L4D, Halo(all of them), Fable 2 and yes I enjoy the Dynasty Warrior series. My cosplay and love of gaming has bled together and I’ve cosplayed as Cortana from Halo for a while now.  ;-9

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