Connooga 2015

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Dragon Con 14′ Atlanta, GA

D-Con 2014 (153 of 153)






Dragon Con 12′ Atlanta, GA


  • More zany adventures from Dragon Con!  A great year at this con.  There was Gangnam (Donnie) Style, Borderlands 2 fun, aqarium, GlaDos and many a comic book heros/villians!  

GMX 11′ Nashville, TN:


  •  This convention was interesting!  I say that because there was a big swirl of happy and sad going on.  Please read my GMX post to find out the details (click here)!  There was a lot of steampunk, robots, partying and such.  🙂


Dragon Con 10′ Atlanta, GA:


  • I made it and wasn’t sick!!  Got the cold afterwards.  😉  This is the big convention everyone prepared for and looks forward to each year!  Although it is getting kind of crowded.  Next year I hope the college football fans aren’t mixed with the con goers.  I love college football, but it just didn’t work.


MTAC  10′ in Nashville, TN:

  • I always enjoy MTAC!!  Too bad sickness and disaster flooding had to interfere.  Fun was still had and the people running MTAC kept entertainment going for people stranded at the Con.  Very cool!


ConNooga 2010 in Chattanooga, TN:

  • Another enjoyable time, at this, our second time at ConNooga.  So happy my Lady Jaye cosplay turned out so good!


Adventure Con 09′ in Knoxsville, TN:

  • We had a great time at AdCon and found out Mick Foley is such a nice guy.  His Q & A was fun and he gave me mad compliments on my Akira cosplay. 🙂

Us and Mick


More photos to come!  I’m still working on my lovely website.  Hope you enjoy what I have so far.

  • Click HERE to see some fun info on past conventions I’ve attended and plans for upcoming conventions!


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