Blue Exorcist is back! Season 2: Kyoto Saga


I’m so excited!  Blue Exorcist is back after 5 and 1/2 years with a second season!

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the first season, OVA and the movie.  It sure doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, but time flies by before you know it.  We just watched the first episode of Season 2 on Crunchyroll.  To not spoil it too much it starts right off with the Exorcist’s trying to stop someone who stole something that’s, of course, very dangerous and very hidden in True Cross Academy.  They take a trip to Kyoto hence the name of the season: Kyoto Saga.  Right away they dive right into some of Yukio’s “demons” of the past (no pun intended).  Some of the emotional strife’s he’s had since he was little, dealing with his brother Rin.  As we were watching we were totally thinking how we needed a re-cap since it’s been so long since we watched this show.  We couldn’t remember what was going on to cause some of the tension within the group of students Rin was a part of.  Be patient!  Because they finally do give a pretty nice re-cap that really helps remind us of the previous story.  I wouldn’t mind re-watching the last few episodes of the previous season so I think I will still do that.  🙂


So to finish this up, if you haven’t seen Blue Exorcist at all I do recommend it!  If you have then I highly recommend this episode.  This episode was not slow at all.  They jumped right into the action and right into some of the emotions issues of the main characters.  I definitely give it a thumbs up.  I hope the momentum keeps going like this.  Also, I don’t know if anyone else cares about the opening and ending themes of anime, but I love them and judge them as well.  I really like this Season Season ending theme!  The animation looks great and it’s a little dramatic and isn’t too revealing of future events.  It just makes you curious for what’s to come.  That’s how it should be!

Here is a link is you would like to watch it on Crunchyroll:

Okay friends,

Good night!

-Little Neko

Anime You Need to Catch Up On from 2013

Hey Everyone!  Happy New Year!!  That 2013 I tell ya… WHAT a bugger.  Heh..

Are you excited about 2014?  I am, but personally, I try to ignore all the happy and positive posts online around New Years.  It’s just sad watching how most of the time people can’t follow through with all of those goals.  I did feel a little kick of inspiration though, thinking about how I would really love to take control of my life, this year and change my stars.  I really haven’t done that.  I know I’ve been lazy and scared that I’m too old for certain things.  I really want to loose that mentality.  If anyone has any life advice for that one feel free to contact me.  I know I want to definitely post more contact on LittleNeko this year and post content that will be helpful to others.

So movin’ on!  My boyfriend and I have been pretty good about watching new anime and I thought 2013 was a fantastic year for anime.  Now these will not really go in dated order, but if you haven’t watched them yet then it shouldn’t matter too much.  I will post them in my own favorited order and links to where you can watch them.  🙂   I won’t get into describing each anime, but a brief synopses can be found at the website links.

It’s very very difficult for me to pick a favorite anime and put them in order!  I love all these shows and have a strong affection for the top 6 I’m listing with the top 3 being my favorite.  Lol.   So here it is!

  1. Beyond the Boundary (Kyokai No Kanata)
    Watch here:
     This is another anime made by Kyoto Animation Studios.  I absolutely love their animation style and I really love the main character Mirai Kuriyama!  You will enjoy little bits of comedy, romance, drama, an interesting story & some great fight scenes. My only negative on this one is the last episode.  Some things were left unexplained which were needed and it could used a little more umph.
  2. A Certain Scientific Railgun (Toaru Kagaku no Choudenjihou) Season 2
    Watch here:
    The Railgun series is one of my favorite anime series.  It’s a spin off of A Certain Magical Index (which I didn’t like as much).  You should watch Season 1 before watching Season 2.  Season 2 isn’t really a continuation from the first season.  The episodes tend to revisit and explain more about Misaka Mikoto origins and why we see clones of her in A Certain Magical Index.  Both seasons both have great strengths, but Season 2 really has some great climatic moments and even gets dark with the story, which makes it all the better.  Once again, I’m a big fan of the main character also know as Biri Biri.
  3. Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Aoki Hagane no Arupejio)
    Watch here:
    We just finished watching this anime and once again enjoyed the character and animation style.  Who doesn’t love girls who are sentient battleship and submarines?  The anime moves along pretty quickly through each episode and it truly needs to have a second season since there are still so many unanswered questions.
  4. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo)
    Watch here:
    This is another anime set in high school.  I’ve watched a lot of these type and do enjoy them.  There are some better than others and this is one of them.  What I keep wondering is if Japanese people think life is over after high school?  😉  I remember having some laughs and shedding a few tears while I watched this one.
  5. Tamako Market (Tamako Māketto)
    Watch here:
    Another Kyoto Animation gem!  This show is simply adorable.  I’ve written a small review on it previously (here).  Please check it out!  You’ll feel the warm fuzzies too!
  6. Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?  (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?)
    Watch here:
    An anime with a really long name, which I just call “Problem Children” for short is a fun, fantasy!  I’m sad to hear that this show didn’t do well in Japan, but did very well here in the United States.  The problem with that is it will probably not get a second season which it really needs.  The anime has so many possibilities for an interesting continuation.  I still think if we got more people to watch and it became more popular, maybe it would receive a second look from Japanese audiences.  I mean, come on!  It has an adorable Bunny character who changes color?!
  7. Kill La Kill (Kiru ra Kiru)
    Watch here:
    This show is blowing up!  I wrote a little bit about it in October (here).  This anime is fun, humorous and has some epic risque costume changes.  The animation is exaggerated and reminds me of Soul Eater.  Sounds good?  Then get to watchin;!
  8. Gintama (Silver Soul)
    Watch here:
    Gintama is a long running anime like Naruto.  We are really behind on the episodes but just keep watching it when we can.  Gintama is comedy about a Samurai and his friends.  Gintama tends to live a bum live half of the time, but then completely shines in the bleakest moments.  We often laugh out loud while watching this one.  🙂
  9. Love Lab (Rabu Rabo)
    Watch here:
    This anime is another high school comedy.  It’s really cute and fun if you enjoy kawaii.  🙂
  10. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    Watch here:
    If you watch anime pretty regularly or go to conventions then you know Attack on Titan is really popular.  It is a darker anime about the last of humanity trying to stay alive against these giant creatures known as Titans.  I think it’s pretty dark for myself and my boyfriend, but we have watched every episode.  I don’t know if we keep hoping there will be a little light at the end of the tunnel or??  Well, I believe we watched it all because it has some pretty intense “Holy Shit” moments and it is animated well.  The story is pretty interesting, but it takes a while for it to move along.  If you like some gore and to watch characters in constant misery you are in for a treat!  😉

So there you have it!  I hope this helps out those who wanna catch up on some anime from 2013 and I’m a bit of a completest so I always advise people to watch something through to the end.  Sometimes it takes an anime a little bit of time for the story to get going because the creators take some much care into the detail of the characters and story.  It’s something I truly love and appreciate from anime.

Till next time,

Happy New Year!!

-Little Neko


Kill La Kill, Next Anime for You to Cosplay the Crap Out of!

Slider Image Kill La Kill

We started watching Kill La Kill last week with dinner and found it really entertaining.  We’ve gotten two episodes in (which is what has aired so far on Crunchyroll).   The first thing you’ll notice, watching it, is the anime style it’s drawn in.  I love the way it looks and how emotions are visualized.  It has that in your face kind of feel to it, with a nice sense of humor added.


We couldn’t help thinking about how people are gonna cosplay the crap out of this show!  The characters have some very interesting outfits & they are super appealing to the cosplay eye.  To give you a tiny bit of incite into the show:  An academy, which is very militant, rules the land on high.  Members of the academy wear these Goku uniforms which gives them power.  Of course we don’t know why the heck they need these uniforms…probably for world domination or something.  The uniforms are unique for certain characters and some of them accentuate with spikes or just ridiculously extended features.


I can’t help but think of Soul Eater when I watch this show!  The characters and the animation style give off that feel.  You know some people will try to squeeze themselves into Ryuko Matoi’s sexy Kamui!


That one’s daring even for the Queen’s Blade cosplayers.  😉  Oh yeah, guess I never mentioned the lead character, that’s Ryoko Matoi.  She likes to come in town and stir things up.  I like her.  🙂

Alright I’m out.  Here’s a link to Kill La Kill on Crunchyroll if you wanna check it out:

Watch it with me gang!!  It’ll be fun and I’ll have some peps to talk about it with.  😉




Happy Mother’s Day and New Projects On the Horizon

I hope everyone’s had a nice Mother’s day!  I’ve seen a few people try to write about anime moms and it’s not easy because parents don’t exist in a lot of anime.  Not sure why, but you’ll find the main characters only have one parent or they are away on some business trip of doom, or the parents just are mentioned at all.  Why are these young kids living in an apartment by themselves? Hmmm, weird.  Well, i try not to think too hard about it and that’s how I enjoy things better.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

This last week I worked on the Borderlands shield a bit.  I’m happy to finish it up!  It was not a good idea to use the paperclay on the wonderflex originally so I removed some if it from the shield and added more Epoxy Sculpt.  The paper clay was cracking and almost coming off in spots.  The ES clay is working better on the Wonderflex than I thought it would.  I’ve sanded it and then last night filled in some holes here and there.  You still have to be careful because it’s a thin layer of the ES clay and if you tried to bend it it could still possibly crack.  So after filling in the holes, I’m going to sand it one more time and put it all together seeing if it’s ready for painting.  It is held together with magnets and so holding the two halfs together works but you can still see light come through the seam and I’m trying to figure out a fix for it.  IMG_0674IMG_0680

Like a few other costumes in the past, I’m still not completely satisfied with Maya, but still really love the cosplay.  So I want to make some improvements on her for Dragon Con if I have time.  I think I can do a better job on the make up too.  Still getting better with makeup.  🙂

So I’ve begun research on the next big project on the horizon!  This will be Catra from She-Ra!  For those of you born after the 80’s here’s a link!  I mentioned the show at work and one of the other employees (younger than me) didn’t know what She-Ra or He-Man was and it made me want to cry a little inside.  Yes, it was because it made me feel so old!!   AHHH! Makes me cringe a little.  Lol.  I’m gonna be okay… No worries!!  😉


I’m really excited to do this one cause I’ll be teaming up with my good friends for this one!  We’re going to have a little group put together to pay tribute to the awesome 80’s cartoons.  I’m also excited about this one cause I might be working with leather and Worbla for the first time as my materials!  Also I love how bold and beautiful the character is.  Not to mention she has that whole cat theme going on.  I mean, how can I pass that up right??  ;P

Catra’s going to look a little less cartoony and a little more Game of Thrones.  So think more leather and armor.  🙂  You’ll see!  Okay, I’m off to grab some grub.

Have a good one!



Spring Season Anime: The Devil is a Part-Timer

This is one of my favorite anime of the Spring Season, The Devil is a Part-timer!  It goes from a dramatic scene of another world fighting Satan to stay alive, to Satan splash1concerned about being late for his current job at the McDonald’s knock off!  The show has some funny moments.  You can watch it on Funimation’s site, but I don’t really like watching anime on their site.  Maybe torrent if you are into to torrenting.  Not that I’m encouraging that!  😉

Description of The Devil is a Part-Timer:   Foiled by a hero when hes inches away from conquering the world, the devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint! To stall any further plans of world domination, the hero tracks the devils trail and takes on the lowly tasks of a telemarketer.

To watch click this link and then click on the tab that says “Videos”.







Anime Reviews! Peeks out of Winter, Jumps into Spring!

There seems to be a lot of folks excited about Spring time this year.  Probably since we had such a boring and mediocre winter, at least here in Tennessee.   Our weather is pretty boring besides tornados and thunderstorms.  I really could do without the tornados.  SO…. Who else enjoyed the Winter Season of anime as much as I did??  I thought it was really good!  Today we’ll do some reviews for you on five different anime we watched this past season.  Mr. ChinkyD from will be joining us today.  He’s kindly provided  two of the five reviews.  Arigato Mr. ChinkyD San!  Links will be provided to the anime if they are available on streaming services for you to watch.  Also, we try to review in a way that doesn’t spoil the show for you.

So first up is Kotoura-San!

This is a romantic comedy that involves our main character Kotoura Haruka who can read people’s minds.  She is a cute and petite girl who has a very kind disposition.  To start off the series Kotoura has a very difficult relationship with her mother when she tries to deal emotionally with having a daughter so different than everyone else.   Kotoura ends up moving away from her home and tries to separate herself from her family (before she meets all of the smashing good people you see above).  She is given the impression that her power tends to hurt people so stays to herself.  She attends a new school and meets one of the male students, Manabe.  Manabe finds Kotoura’s unique ability exciting and she begins to feel at ease enough to make a friend.  Important note:  Since Kotoura can read thoughts she can see Manabe’s “perverted” thoughts all the time!  The thought bubbles give way to some cute fan service visuals of Kotoura (to her dismay I’m sure).  She eventually ends up being recruited into a club called the ESP Research Society.  Convenient you say?  Well yes, the club president has some alterior motives for Kotoura’s ability.  As you can predict the club members end up having some grand adventures, some that go back into the serious realm of things.

Whoa…, WHOA! Not that serious Kotoura!!

I really enjoy when an anime series has what I call a “serious to comical yo yo” that goes on as the episodes progress.  This show definitely has that and it hits it right at the first episode.  This show is fun and the characters are likeable!  I love the catchy intro.  If you like anime that’s light-hearted and fun you’ll enjoy this.

Watch Kotoura-San on here:

  • If I had a rating system, I would give it 4 cat heads out of 5 (cute anime cat heads….I can see them now).  

Next up is Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT.

Review by ChinkyD @

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, AKA Haganai AKA I Don’t Have Many Friends (got all that?), is the second season of the harem/comedy hit.  It introduces new characters, but not so many that you say “I DON’T CARE, WHY U NO SHOW MAH FAVORITE?”  The cast gets into hilarious new scenarios (I’d say the amusement park episode was probably the funniest anything I’ve seen this season.)  Then of course, by the end of the season there’s all sorts of new drrrrrrama.  So a little bit for everyone here.

IMO, seeing the first season is an absolute must if you plan on following Haganai NEXT.  You’ll be confused, and you won’t give a damn about any of the characters by the end.  You’ll be essentially like this guy:

But for the uninitiated, the plot line involves the “Neighbor’s Club”, which focuses on helping students develop the skills they need to make actual friends.  Each member has issues, like Yukimura having sexual identity issues, Sena being so popular that she has no friends (huh?), and Yozora hating nearly everyone around here (yet somehow she’s the president of the club).  Super-genius Rika (my fave character in Haganai), Catholic “sister” Maria, and middle school sister of the main character Kobato round out the club.

The main male character of the harem is Kodaka, an outcast due to his “Yankee” appearance, and also due to several honest mistakes that scare most of the students away from him.  The show does a great job of showing how he screws up, and how he feels about it.  But of course, this means all the girls in the club end up falling for him (Hi harem anime, nice to see you falling into your familiar patterns!)  

Now, when you’ve got a show like this you really have to have characters that are likable.  At the very least you need to care about their existence.  Fortunately, all the characters have memorable moments–you’ll even want to know what’s up with the characters you hate.  

Not going to give away the ending, but the last few episodes definitely drop some drama bombs, which is a departure from most of the rest of the series. Some people I know found it irritating, and yes, they do leave it open for another series.  In this case, it’s a good thing.  Haganai is huge in Japan, popularity and ratings-wise, so we’ll very likely see the next chapter some time in the future.  

The heart-felt moments feel genuine.  The comedic parts are flipping funny.  This is just an all-around great series (for anime peeps that like this kind of show).

You can catch it streaming at Funimation’s website (subscription required!)

  • I guess I’ll use this alternate-universe rating system as well…5 out of 5 delicious cat heads for Haganai NEXT.  I really enjoy this series.  It falls into a couple of standard situations at the end, but it’s great throughout.

One of my favorites of the season is Tamako Market!

Review by Kat

Tamako Market is created by Kyoto Animation Studios.  The same studio who created K-ON!, Inuyasha, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nichijou and many more!  I’m a big fan of Kyoto Animation since they have made many of my favorite anime.  Tamako Market is drawn in the same style as K-ON! and another recent show Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.  It’s a Slice Of Life anime that is suppose to give the viewer a soft reminiscent feel of an older time and it does just that!

 To give a quick description of the storyline, The show is about the happenings of a high school girl named Tamako who lives with her family in a small town Shopping District called Usagiyama where her and her family run a Mochi shop.  The series follows the everyday life of Tamako, her friends, family and neighbors, and a talking bird named Dera.   That’s right, a talking bird just shows up in town suddenly and loves Usagiyama and Tamako’s Mochi!  I have talked about the show before on my Tumblr because I was right in the middle of the season and was really enjoying it:  Tamako Market gives you all the warm fuzzies that a Slice of Life anime should!  It’s so adorable and drawn in a way that’s so.. (I say again) warm.  It’s just gives you a feeling of comfort and makes everything look unbelievably inviting.  Heck, I’ve had some mochi in the past (probably not the best) and didn’t like it, but after watching Mr. Kitashirakawa make some, I wanna try some right now.  You just want to jump into this world and feel the simple joys they experience in what we feel are common every day occurrences.

Like drinking that perfect cup of tea or enjoying silly moments with good friends.  Kinda like when Tamako goes into the little shop down the street to have a coffee.   Of course there is a very hip guy running the place & he may just have some words of wisdom for you.  He also seems to play random records to set just the perfect mood for you!

So yeah…. you can say I’m a fan!

  • And for my magical, imaginary rating system, I will give Tamako Marketo 5 out of 5 cat heads!!  


Review by ChinkyD

Many people say that the opposite of love is hate.  That’s not true–it’s apathy.  By the end of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, or OreShura, or My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much (seriously Japan?) I was chock-full of “don’t cares”.

By the end of the series this was me:

Let’s say that Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai is the Transformers of rom-com-harem.  That would make OreShura the Go Bots.  It feels cheap, generic, and ready to break down at any moment.  Let’s discuss:

OreShura focuses on Eita Kido, another ruffled-hair guy in high school, who has given up on any romantic relationships due to his terrible social life in middle school.  His crap middle school life was directly caused by his 8th grade delusional fantasy world he lived in, which caused him to act exactly like Yuuta in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

He’s fine playing lonely-bro until silver-haired super-popular Masuzu lets Eita know that he’s her new boyfriend.  Why the hell would he accept?  Well, of course, she has his journal from 8th grade when he was playing Japanese D&D.  He accepts, then WACKINESS ENSUES LOLOLOL.

But it’s never that simple.  His orange-haired “friend from childhood” Chiwa lives next door, and is semi-dependant on Eita(and of course is in love with him).  Black-haired Himeka, a still-delusional high schooler stalks him until she can get close to him.  Then we get pink-haired Ai, the mad-with-power hall monitor wrap up the final piece of the harem. (MORE LIKE HO-HAR-HUMM AM I RIGHT?)

Where do all these girls (and one guy) end up?  WHY THE YOUNG MAIDENS CLUB OF COURSE!  This club’s purpose is to clean women up so they’ll be desireable or strong or something…hell, I lost track and stopped caring about halfway through.  Like Haganai, all the pieces are dropped into the club room, and then the dynamics swirl round and round till someone, or no one, wins the game.

Except in Oreshura it’s not really that interesting.  Silver-hair ends up being an asshole to Eita most of the series, and then the show tries to explain it away due to a lifetime of bad experiences.  All the other girls are pushed as conflicts to Eita/Masuzu’s relationship, but Eita and Masuzu are so annoying to watch as a couple that you keep hoping something bad happens.  Masuzu will start reading from Eita’s 8th grade dream journal, he starts feeling embarassed, and then she gets her way.  You feel somewhat sorry for the dude, but then you don’t because he keeps making stupid decisions.  

One big failure in the plot–at one point, it seems like everyone at the school already knows about Eita’s past, yet he still works overtime to hide it.  The entire reason he’s her fake boyfriend is because he’s trying to hide his past…but it’s all out there.  What the hell?  It gets annoying and confusing.

I stuck with this show to the end, hoping it would improve.  It never did.  It actually seemed to start out OK, get slightly better, then fall apart at the end.  I think the fact that Chuunibyou preceded this show by a few months made me like it even less.  I enjoyed the former so much that this show had a huge mountain to climb.  Chuunibyou had funny, cute, and serious moments that I cared about.  OreShura took these same ideas and made them boring and abrasive.

If you really want to, you can try out Oreshura for yourself at CrunchyRoll’s website.

  • How would I rate this in “cat heads”?  2 out of 5 I guess–2 feral cats that go around annoying the neighborhood with their howling at 3 in the morning.

So I hope you enjoyed the reviews.  I thank Mr. ChinkyD for helping us out with the reviews.  He did a swell job!  There is more anime from the Winter Season that we wanted to put on here, but we are out of time right now and this post would end up more like a book.  We might be able to post more reviews if anyone comments and enjoys this.  I will say that this was a really great season.  Other shows you need to watch that we didn’t get a chance to review are as follows(including links to where you can watch them):

PS: We love comments so feel free to leave some if you please!  😉

Have a great night!


Uber Cosplay Projects for 2013

NOTE: I often add links into my posts for additional information.  So feel free to utilize them if you don’t know what something is or you want further information.  🙂

I was so excited searching the web last night for images of one of the characters I’m going to cosplay this year!  I really love a lot of the past characters I’ve done, but I don’t remember so much joy in seeing the character and having the memories drift back from watching the anime.  One of my new cosplays will be Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS (SS stands for Secret Service).  She’s a beautiful girl with long flowing dark purple hair.  I will be creating her school uniform, which is her usual outfit as a human.

One thing I love about Ririchiyo’s school uniform is the little hints of sexiness.  You have little accents like the ruffles in the back and you can’t miss the little garter belt stockings.  I would also like to create her youkai outfit which has the beautiful kimono, long flowing scarf and uni mask.  Oh and also…garter belt stockings again.  😉

If you’ve visited my site before you may have read the review on Inu x Boku.  If not, you can click here to check it out!  😉  I tend to have a more easy going opinion of a lot of the shows I watch.  Some folks online were more critical of the series mainly due to one of the other characters, but I don’t think many have seen the bonus episode which is on the dvd.  It’s one of the best episodes of the series and you should definitely seek it out.

So there ya have two full costumes to work on!  For my third project I’ve joined a pretty epic costume group.  This will be a He-Man/She-Ra costuming group!  I have choosen to cosplay Catra from She-Ra.

It will be fun playing a bad girl.  😉  Plus I get a cape and bad ass mask!  Heh, heh…  In designing this, I’m going to try to make it look a bit more bad ass and little less cartoony.  I am very big on keeping the costume as accurate as possible, but this time I’m just going to tweek it a bit.

Also on my list, which seems to be getting heavier, I will be making improvements to my Maya from Borderlands 2.

I really want to make her better.  I want to add some details to her suit and add the shoulder pauldron I didn’t add before.  I want to create an shield that does light up and get contacts to match her eye color.  🙂  Hopefully I can get some of this accomplished for Connooga!


Alright everyone!  I have so much to do, not including costuming projects.., I’m off!

-Little Kat




Review: Sword Art Online

We tend to watch multiple anime at once in our house.  I don’t know how we do it because we only watch during dinner time each night and sometimes watch a few episodes over the weekend if we’re lucky.  🙂  Right now I’m really enjoying Sword Art Online!

I’ll give the premise of the show:  In the not so distant future, the Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online (SAO), is released. That’s a mouth full, eh?  With Nerve Gear, a virtual reality Helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

The story follows Kirito Kirigaya who started his experience with the game as a beta tester.  This allows him to come into the game with an upper hand, being able to experience the game before most other players.  When the game launches Kirito and the other tens of thousands of people playing realize they can not stop the game.  They are locked in!  There are no pee breaks, grabbing some pizza, poop sockin‘ or yelling back at your mom as she tells you to get your fat ass up and out of that chair.  The creator of the game appears before the players and announces that they must make it to the 100th floor and beat the final boss before they will be released.  What also adds another level of terror for the players is if they die in the game for any reason, they will die in the real world as well.

NOTE: I try not to reveal too much, but I will talk about what episodes I’ve seen so far in a general way.

So as you can imagine a massive panic takes over the players in the game.  After the crying, the shock & disbelief of this news sinks in people begin to build their characters.  Of course by doing what you do in MMO’s…. killing things, getting items that help your character, building xp/skills, getting better weapons.  Clans also start to form so players can take down larger enemies together.  Kirito is the exception to the rule.  He wants to be alone and also keep his higher ranking and skill hidden.  Deep inside he doesn’t want to get close to others for fear of losing them to the game.  Along Kirito’s journey he meets a girl named Asuna.  She is joined with a high ranked group who are well known in SAO.  She is curious about Kirito because of his mysterious, but kind demeanor.

You can easily tell by watching the shows intro they will eventually become much closer.  There are other likable characters, but most of them are only in a few episodes.  I would have liked to see more of the other characters and have more development, but the story does more along quite nicely.

We have watched the first 15 episodes and I really love it so far.  The characters are like-able and I’m happy to see that the main male character is not just a lame f-up like in some other anime.  He’s intelligent and cool, not to mention cute!  Gotta have that in my review.  😉  I also like Asuna and (Klein) Tsuboi.  Klein as he calls himself in SAO is someone Kirito meets when he first enters the game.  They become friends, part ways, then meet back up later on in the game.

Klein’s voice actor, Hiroaki Hirata, also did the voice for Tiger from Tiger & Bunny.  Tiger is my favorite character from another favorite series of mine.  So this is just an extra bonus!  🙂  I’ve already seen many people discussing cosplaying Asuna and other characters from SAO so I guess I’ll have to stay away!  I would love to costume as Asuna or even cross-play Kirito, but I know I would have some tough competition.  I fear it will become one of those cosplays that gets over done.

Up until episode 14 we didn’t know the anime would continue on!  We thought that was it until we jumped on Crunchy Roll and there is a whole other story line continuing.  🙂  I’m glad because I wanted to see them interacting in the real world, but it looks like they will be heading back into a game world soon.  We’ll have to see how that will go!  I will probably watch the most recent episode available, episode 16, tonight over dinner.

To wrap up this review I’d would definitely recommend watching Sword Art Online!  I love the concept of the story.  It really felt like the creators really put themselves into the shoes of the characters and thought of real scenarios of what people would start feeling and how they would start acting after being in an amazing yet false world like Sword Art Online.

I would have liked some development on supporting characters.  It’s beautifully animated and there is a nice mix of action and character interaction.  I know there were some questions that were not addressed right away that ate at me a little bit, but then they were addressed.  For example at first no one would acknowledge what was happening to their real bodies while they were stuck in this game world.  Things like that.

You can watch Sword Art Online on Crunchyroll:

I hope you enjoyed the review and that it was helpful!

Good night!,

-Little Neko