My Cosplay Workshop at the Nashville Public Library

Hey guys and gals,

I’ve had a very busy month!  Feels like I’ve heard that somewhere before.  😉  I’m so happy to say one of my planned events was to do a cosplay workshop at the Nashville Public Library.  I was very excited and nervous at the same time when I was asked to help out!  I didn’t know what to expect, but the thought of being able to give back with my cosplay, even just a little, was a really nice thought.  A friend of mine works in the Teen Center of the library and follows my cosplay work online.  She said she told her boss about my costume work and wanted to know if I would want to help out with different events they were holding for there very own Cosplay Month.  Scheduling around work only allowed me to do one Cosplay Workshop, but that was still awesome.

I was asked to show up in costume and decided to go with Yoshino, from Date A Live.  I am very proud of this costume and it’s not too difficult to wear or get into with little help.  A lot of my major costumes take a lot of prep work and assistance to get into.  I really wanted to fix Yoshino’s helmet under the hood that holds the ears up, but this didn’t happen because of course I ran out of time to get it done.  I figured I could handle the vise grip pain my head gets for the short time I would be doing the workshop.  I had my typical cosplay prep blunders and it took me a good while to get ready.  Does anyone else have terrible makeup days?  My eyeliner would not go on right and it looked like a person with tremors put it on.  I ended up wiping all of it off and pretty much had to start my makeup over again.  The weekend before when I was going out for lunch my eyeliner went on without a hitch.  I scrunch my brow at you eyeliner!!  So I got my knee high pink socks on, my boots and dress on.  I headed out the door with laptop in hand, costume box, change of clothes and the foam head I created over the weekend.

When I got there I was in awe of how nice the Nashville Public Library is!  If you live in Nashville you need to go in there and check it out.  They seem to have a lot to offer adults and children.  The Teen Center is on the third floor and it is very impressive!  The left side is more casual where the kids can hang out.  They have study rooms, two rooms with a big screen to watch movies on, a nice manga library and kids were playing Naruto on a big flat screen when I walked in.  Actually they were on it the whole time I was there.  😉  Kids after my own heart.

On the right side of the center is a high tech studio.  They have mentors with all different specialty skill sets who teach at the library and at many other remote locations around Nashville.  I’m still amazed and envious of what the kids could learn at the Teen Center.  Lets see…., video production, photography, sound production, robotics, 3-D printing, etc.  Anyone my age, who is cool, is saying, “Why didn’t I have something like this growing up??”

Since I’ve gotten a little long winded I’ll cut to the chase.  They had a table set up with basic materials out on the table for the kids to make some costume stuff with and a sewing machine.  I was all prepared to give a speech on how I work through making a costume from research to the final product, but I really didn’t end up doing that.  I mainly hung out with the kids and helped them with what they were trying to make.  I answered questions if they had them.  It was very casual which was nice.  I had my cosplay emergency kit out if they wanted to see what goes into it, my laptop with costume photos rolling and the foam head I made.  I was excited talking with the kids and the other mentors who were asking about how I made certain things and about materials and even talking about conventions and the cosplay community.  I felt like I spoke the kids language when it came to the “scene”.  I wasn’t surprised that some of them have been to our local Middle TN Anime Convention.

So I told my friend before I finished up that I didn’t feel like I did a whole lot.  She very kindly said I was great and if even one kid walks away and learned something or had there interests sparked then it’s a good day.  That definitely gave me the warm and fuzzies!  What a nice way to end the day.  I hope to come help out again sometime!  I might be able to go back again in the summer and possibly do something more focused like have the teens sign up to learn how to do a head casting or maybe a basic sewing class.  Who knows!  I would definitely like to say a very special thanks to my friend Rebecca and the other mentors who helped me out while I was there and it was just fun chatting with them.  🙂

So I’m definitely inspired to finally make a photo book with my costume photos in it and I’ve been working on it all week.  It would have been nice to have for the cosplay workshop.  I’m not sure how cool or uncool it might be to have Coscards made, but I’m totally getting some.  They are basically cosplay business cards.  They usually have your costume photos on them with contact info and it’s good to have them to exchange with people you meet or photographers so they can get in touch with you.

Okay, I’m off!  Have a great weekend all!

-Little Neko

Connooga 2016 Review of Times Had

Hello again friends!

Connooga was a week ago and we had our typical laid back fun at this convention, which tends to be a laid back event.  I always enjoy seeing the Choo Choo hotel and enjoy downtown Chattanooga in general.  If you’ve seen my previous reviews on Connooga you know it’s a multi-media convention for all kinds of geeky fun and mayhem.  I particularly enjoyed starting our weekend with a trip to the dealer room and then our shuttle trip back from the convention center with a humorous Kylo Ren cosplayer.  He actually looked just like the character from the movie and was playing around with everyone.  He stood at the front of the shuttle, saying he should threaten to keep everyone on board as he turned on his light saber.  You really had to be there as I’m terrible at painting this picture right now, but it was a fun ride hearing his banter back and forth.  🙂  Speaking of the shuttles, the hotel shuttles were fantastic all weekend for the convention!!  I don’t know why, but I’ve never noticed the hotel shuttles before.  I don’t know if they had more running this year or had them running more efficiently, but it was great!  If you haven’t been to Connooga in the last few years then you might not realize they moved a lot of the convention events into the downtown convention center.  So there are a few things going on at the Choo Choo Hotel, but the dealers room, panels and such are held at the convention center now.  It’s about a mile, I believe, from the Choo Choo.  So our routine was always to go to the bus terminal which is right by the Choo Choo’s entrance and get one of the free buses to get over there.  The only problem is it stops all over town and if you aren’t familiar with where you are you might not know where to get off and you have to take the ride around town before it stops at the convention center.   It also takes a bit longer to pick up one of these buses.  This year, we would literally step outside the front of our hotel building and a shuttle from the hotel would stop right there to take us directly to the convention center.  One came by every five minutes so it never felt like you were waiting a long time, plus they had a Connooga flyer on the front of the shuttle so when you were coming back you weren’t questioning if you were getting on the right shuttle.

Another new thing we experienced this year was a new restaurant that was actually build into the front of the Choo Choo Hotel.  It’s called STIR and they apparently have a fancy pants Ice Chef!  You heard me right, …. I said “ICE CHEF”.  Nothing says fru fru like hiring someone to specialize in and specially prepare your frozen water.  Despite the fun I’m having poking at the Ice Chef, I was excited to try out the restaurant.  The reviews I read online sounded good, but I have to say I don’t know if it lived up to my expectations.  My drink was fantastic, but I don’t feel it was $12.00 fantastic.  It was a Mule concoction.  Ironically there was a lot more ice than drink.  So I felt a little ripped off on the ratio.  For my dinner I ordered a shrimp and scallop ceviche and it was a pretty dish and tasted fresh, but the chili flakes they sprinkled on it made it a bit too spicy for me.  Plus the seafood still seemed to be a little too under cooked by the acids for my taste.  I’ve only had ceveche one other time, when I made it and I enjoyed mine better.  I had the crab bisque which everyone online raved about, but i felt it was sort of blande.  Sorry STIR!  For positives, the atmosphere is really nice and I’m glad they kept some of the historic elements from the hotel.  You’ll see big beautiful windows, high ceilings, the same tile scheme as inside the Choo Choo and these crazy library shelves for storing the 300 liquors they have!  My bestie and I were joking about how we wanted to use their library rolling latter to re-enact the scene from Beauty and the Beast.  🙂  So I would probably return to STIR, but it would be for more of a girls night out for drinks or something like that.  I would like to give the food another shot, but that will probably be up to my friends if we go.

This year I was pretty casual again dress wise.  I was excited to wear the new BB-8 dress I bought and I made a hair pin to go with it.  I also found a cool pendent in the dealer room to wear with it for Saturday night.  Everyone seemed to really like it.  Thanks friends for the nice compliments!!  You make a girl feel warm and pretty!  🙂  Other than that, your typical room parties were fun.  Fall Out Party…, why no music??  I was very sad there was no music and the fact you were sneaky and hiding the jello shots!  I heard they had some once I left and went across the way.  Party who had the virus drinks, who was playing fantastic music in the beginning of the night, A+ for you!  I wasn’t a fan of the music later on, but your strong start gave me a happy and fun beginning to my evening!  😉

I was mainly snapping friend photos at Connooga, with my Iphone!  Sorry for not giving you a better view on the con, but this is what happens when you wanna just focus on chilling out with friends  🙂

And with that I bid you good night friends!

-Little Neko

Casual Fun at Connooga 2015

We took our yearly trek to Chattanooga for this year’s Connooga and we had a great time!  Although some of my friends had some nasty problems with their rooms.  Ugh!  I’ll tell you all about it in a minute.

It was quite the casual weekend for me because I really didn’t put on any crazy costumes.  I did get out my flight suit from my old Lady Jaye costume and wore it around Friday night.  It was warm and nice and comfy.  What a change from how I usually feel in costume!  I also ended up borrowing a kigurumi from a friend because some others were wearing them out Saturday.  Also super comfy.  Why can’t all costumes be like this?  Well, for me it’s mainly because wigs and contacts hurt me.  I guess I’m sensitive and I hate admitting that.

So back to the room story!  One of my friends got into their room and saw something crawling on the bed.  They flipped up the pillow to find a whole bunch of bed bugs crawling everywhere.  If you just got the hibbie-jibbies you are not alone!  Let me tell you they handled it in a much calmer way than I would have.  They were compted for it, I believe, and were given a different room.  I have to say this year has made me realize how run down and un-maintained the Choo Choo hotel is.  It’s really sad because it’s a fun property to be at.  The trains and historically preserved buildings are wonderful but the hotel portion has really been let go.  They are apparently doing some major renovations to the property this year, but I think some more important things need to be worked on first, like the BUGS!  Luckily we were in a different building and didn’t have that issue but our room had it’s run down features.

As for the convention, I enjoyed the dealers room and the space that’s in the convention center, but I still don’t like having to get on a bus to get to the other half of the convention.  If the convention center was across the street or something like that it would be just fine, but there is always a disconnect when you need transportation between locations.

Connooga 2015 (4 of 64)

Us on da bus!


We attended a Photoshop panel that I actually learned something from so I was very excited about that.  I finally got my picture in the bat mobile and the room parties this year were actually a good time.  I didn’t enjoy them last year.  This year, for the most part, you weren’t packed into each room like sardines and the drinks from each room were pretty good.  We actually had fun dancing in the Alice in Wonderland themed party.  I almost forgot!  We even went on a small ghost tour of the Choo Choo that was part of the convention schedule and it was fun.  And as always I have the most fun just meeting up with my friends.  That’s always the best.  I had some wonderful conversations.  🙂

Connooga 2015 (8 of 64).jpg

Here is a link to all of our Connooga pictures!  Mostly casual shots with friends, but please enjoy:

I apologize if things have been slow on the site for me lately.  Emotionally things have been a bit tough so I haven’t been able to work on costume projects lately.  I can put on a brave face when I need to, at work or around friends, but I’m really hoping for some positive changes this year.  I welcome any positive energy you wanna send my way!  I greatly appreciate all of your support.

Till next time,

Little Kat

Friendship Friday: Ma Baby Is Talented

Hello friends,

Friendship Friday has been a ways off, but it’s back!  At least I think it is.  😉

This week I want to share with you how talented ma baby is!  His name is Donnie.  He is my baby and my best friend.  He’s extremely talented in many ways.  This guy is the King of the Internet and random knowledge, my half Korean extraordinaire, he’ll make all of us laugh, loves Mac N’ Cheese (in the Blue Box) and he’s highly intelligent.  He’s loving and he can even make costumes and props!  😉  No ladies, he’s not up for bids, but he might DJ your wedding.  At random he might make a personal Youtube vid about someone or something he truly appreciates or maybe something he wants to poke fun at, while at the same time singing the tracks.

Donnie Prop Progress

So I got a little carried away there, but I love bragging on ma baby.  So back to the geeky stuff, in the costuming realm, he’s also the bee’s-knees!!  In my crazy race to the finish in costume making he has helped me by pushing out some great props.

Donnie Propsarrows

He can also sew and made his Orko costume from scratch!  He’s calls himself the Kat Handler because he has had to help me on too many occasions.  Helping me get around con in costume, carrying stuff and he has taken great pictures and video as well!  Example #1 below:

So ladies and gents if you have an amazing significant other that has been your handler, a shoulder, someone to make you laugh in the mitzs of a stressful, day before the con, last minute costume completion…., remember to let them know how much they mean to you and add on a big hug!  😉

Awesome Cosplay Donnie pics below!

Happy Valentines Day!





Hey there duders, jobbers and friends!  I uploaded all of the things onto Flickr tonight, so go check it out!

I also create a page on MA site for this years pics:

Yes, it’s all of the photos I so painstakingly took for you all at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA!!  First we worked non-stop for months on costumes and props for everyone and then we woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to pack the vehicle, which almost didn’t happen.  Then I made my boyfriend drive us all the way down to Atlanta, GA to go to the con (five hours).  Then we spent many hours putting on costumes, drinking and then taking pictures for you all.




Of course I’m kidding!  We really do go through all of that of our own accord, but seriously enjoy the pics.  Because I’m usually so caught up in wearing costumes, I usually don’t get a ton of pics.  I decided it was better to have some photos than none so I snapped pics with my Iphone a lot and had my Canon Point N Shoot with me some of the time.  Since my friends are so important to me, you will see a lot of fun, casual shots in there.

Have a great weekend!


Little Kat   > * * <




The Calm After the Storm that is Dragon Con

Hello All,

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from Dragon Con.  It usually goes like this: You come back home, drag all or some of your belongings from the vehicle, plop them down in the living room, then don’t unpack for about a week or so.  You find what little you have left to eat and try to make a meal for yourselves or order pizza.  For us it was ramen noodles!  You pass out on the couch.  Then finally comes a feeling a dread when you think about going back to work.  Sound familiar?  That’s right.  You are experiencing what we like to call PCD or Post Con Depression.

Dragon Con, in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast.  We’ll discuss how big in a minute.  First I have to say there is something magical about this convention.  People just go nuts to prepare some of their best or most obscure costumes.  They even get excited to create original designs and it’s one of the places where original designs can get appreciated.

D-Con 2014 (8 of 153)

There are so many ups and downs to the epic costumes!  You usually get all these amazing ideas after going to Dragon Con the year before or a couple months before the con.  Or suddenly your friends ask you to join them in an amazing group.  Then all of a sudden you have 6 costumes when you planned on doing only one new costume because you didn’t want to stress so much…..  Oh wait!!  That was my prep experience!  😉

For myself and most of my friends the convention is all about the costumes and hanging out with good people.  It’s always fun and a bit awkward explaining to my normie friends what one does at a con.  Of course at Dragon Con you can usually see a plethora of celebrities and the fun part is running into them in the elevator or on the floor.  I think I rode with one of the guys from Almost Human.  Funny thing was I just recognized him, but didn’t know what he was from.  I just chatted casually with this handsome guy.  🙂

Something very exciting and a little stressful for us this year was being in the Dragon Con parade for the first time ever!  My boyfriend joined me in the Borderlands costume group and we marched with them.

D-Con 2014 (66 of 153) D-Con 2014 (81 of 153)

The Borderlands group has been such a fun and friendly group the last two years.  They were fun in the parade as well.  We had Tiny Tina’s skipping around and talking to the crowd.  We had psycho bandits making creepy banter with the kids on the sidelines.  It was the BEST DAY EVER!!

So if you went to the con this year, you know there were some problems that arose, some not surprising.  If you have a fear of crowds, then run away!  You thought it was busy last year?  Oh no.  It was ridiculously packed.  So bad that on Saturday a lot of people felt like just staying in their rooms and partying to get away from the crowds or going to the Aquarium to get away from the con for a bit.  Thursday has become the new Friday and Friday has become the new Saturday and well…, who the hell knows what Saturday has become.

I didn’t run into any creepers luckily, but i heard some people did.  I imagine in a crowd of 70,000 people that is bound to happen unfortunately.  We just need to remember to continue to use common sense and protect ourselves from idiots.  Another downer is how busy and confusing the dealers rooms are to get around.  Luckily I heard from a dealer they are moving the dealers rooms and making two large rooms next year, in a different building.  I think this will be better.

By the way, cheers to Dragon Con for having the fastest and most awesome registration line ever, this year!!  It was amazing.  We were in there so fast, I almost didn’t have my ID and such out by the time I was at the front of the line.  Much improved from the 4 1/2 hour wait I had about 2 years ago.  Thank you!

D-Con 2014 (153 of 153)

So I have more I could say about the con, but I’m sure you’ve had enough for now.  I’ll wait to make another post where I can talk about ma costumes!  Yay!

So have a good one!  I’m gonna get back to catching up on life now.

Ja Mata!

-Little Neko

PS:  Dragon Con picture gallery soon to come!


Friendship Friday – July 18th, 2014: Just Friendship!

Hey all!

I don’t have any crazy costume pics for this week.  I just wanted to share a picture full of FRIENDSHIP!  It’s one of those pictures that always makes me smile when I see it.  Feels right that Dragon Con is coming up and this was taken there one year.  Couldn’t tell ya which year.  We always have such a good time at this convention for many reasons.  It has it’s epic moments and it’s zany moments.  That’s why, I think, we love it.  You feel free to be who you want and enjoy seeing all of the friends who come together.


I love you guys!! And girl I don’t know in the back!!


Happy Weekend!


Friendship Friday – July 11th, 2014 – They Can Open Doors!!

Happy Friday all!! I hope everyone is having a great July.  At least the normies out there get to enjoy normie things like barbecue’s and boozing it up while floating down the river or something, while the geeks going to Dragon Con are spending every waking minute working on costumes and props!  😉  I admit I wanted to have less stress so didn’t take on any huges projects this time, yet I still feel stupid busy. So our Friendship Friday star of the week is my friend Elizabeth!  I’ve been so lucky to meet her and her fiance last year at Dragon Con.  Elizabeth has a passion for all things Dinosaur as you can tell from the photo below!  She and her fiance work on some impressive projects involving mold casting and intricate detail work with materials like foam, resin, fiberglass and latex to create amazing creations.  On a second note, Elizabeth was another member of our awesome Masters of the Universe group, costuming as Swiftwind.  🙂 I love the fact that when this picture was taken I didn’t know who the raptor was.  I just thought the costume was amazing! IMG_2679r So happy weekend gang and stay cool in the gang, -Kat