Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Owl Ver. 2016 Video Unboxing and Review

I’m excited to finally do another unboxing video!  This one has been a long time coming, so long I forgot what was in the box.  So I thought you would enjoy sharing this moment with me as I figure out where my money has gone.  🙂  I have a few other “older” figures that I never opened.  Not sure if people would be interested in seeing me unbox those or not.  If anyone actually has interest please let me know or interest in me doing other types of videos.  Maybe I can do a 3 figure unboxing and somehow keep the video under 15 minutes.  We’ll see.

So here ya go friends!


Have a great weekend,

-Little Kat


Foodie Heaven = Food Discovery (Mango Sticky Rice)

Hey folks!

When you’re a food person (I don’t know if I’m a foodie) one of the best moments is when you discover a great new restaurant or a brand new dish that has become a new favorite! Both of these things happened today for me thanks to my good friend Erdbeere! Nothing like good friends and good food.  🙂  We ate at Siam Cuisine in Nashville.  It’s a Thai restaurant in case you didn’t catch it by the name.  There were spring rolls, Tom Ka Gai and we even had this curry shrimp that was brought out in a pineapple!  


But the awesome and major discovery for me was the Mango Sticky Rice which is amazing & in house made coconut icecream. All of our other food was really good, but I now have a special place in my heart for Mango Sticky Rice!  It had fresh slices of Mango laid around the edge of the plate, hugging a mound of warm rice in the middle, which was coated with a sweet coconut flavored syrup and some sesame seeds.  The way I liked to eat it was by getting a little bit of both rice and mango on my fork at once.  It was sweet and tart and comforting all at the same time.  Oyshee!!! 


You know I’ll be back to Siam Cuisine to try more dishes and for more desserts.  The coconut ice cream said, “Don’t forget about little ole me!”.  It was some of the best ice cream I’ve had.  So smooth, creamy and refreshing.  Oh I won’t forget!  😉


If you wanna check out Siam Cuisine here is a link to their website:

You can also search for them on Yelp and Four Square by just typing in the name.

Good night!

-Little Kat

A Review for you: Chobani Flips: Sriracha Mango

Hello All!

I decided to put out a couple food reviews because why not.  I like critiquing food and I need practice with video editing.  I hope to become better at video editing so I don’t have to depend on my boyfriend to do it.  We’ll see if I can do it since I always have so much on my plate, but so does he.  It’s nice not to impose so he has time to work on his projects as well.  🙂

This review is for my favorite yogurt line, Chobani Greek Yogurt “Flips”.  I’m going to do some more soon.  I was so excited when I saw they had some new flavors out recently, that I decided to do a review.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!  Have you tried some of the more unusual flavors?


Have a great week!

-Little Kat

Getting Back in the Game

I hope everyone else has had a good winter season.  I, for one, had a crazy time with a big winter storm that came through.  We got stuck at our home first with ice then with 7 inches of snow!  Despite the sad pay check that followed after not being at work all that time, I very much enjoyed the seeing the snow and playing in it.  I revert back into a child when it snows.  Took a lot of pictures and video and I’m about to go through them now.

I don’t know how 2015 went for most of you, but I know it was a terrible year for myself, my boyfriend and many of my dear friends.  Unfortunately a good number of my friends have had deaths in the family and we did as well.  Donnie’s father passed away unexpectedly and it’s been difficult emotionally for all of us.  Before all of that happened we were in the process of moving, which is a huge deal for Donnie and I.  The new house is wonderful and it was one of the few highlights of our 2015.  It really is like a life accomplishment for me!  It’s my first house and it has a lot of what I’ve always wanted.

So I just wanted to give a little info on what’s been affecting us through last year.  It pretty much put a halt on a lot of things which sucks.  We managed to still enjoy some time with friends and make it to a few conventions although motivation to work on projects has been very lacking.  There has been no costume work, loads of media sitting on SD cards or on cameras that never got posted from events we went to.  I’m really hoping to change that and get things back in gear this year.  I’m very excited to take advantage of having a new year to turn things around.  Not that one should wait for an excuse like a new year to get things going, but yeah, that’s what I’m doing.  🙂  I am “using” the new year as an outlook for a new start, like a lot of people tend to do.  I don’t know if everything that has happened caused this, but it feels like, we have entered into a new phase in our life.  Does anyone else feel like this?  It really feels like things have changed lately, at least for me.  It feels like certain clicks of people have changed, getting a little older has caused changes (I will resist that one as much as I possibly can) and unfortunately people who were here aren’t now making things different.  I know I personally don’t enjoy the “getting older” changes.  In fact I hate it.  I am trying to just deal with it as best I can and try not to loose myself to age.  Those of you in my shoes will understand that last one.  I also have family that I am very close to and worry about all the time.

So this post was very somber in mood, but I hope it signifies the ending of a difficult time and the beginning of new challenges and some big achievements.   I know I’m not out of the woods yet.  I hope to all of you out there that are struggling, like myself, know you are not alone.  We can get out of that hole we put ourselves into.  I’m not sure just how yet, but I know it will take some extra effort.  The first thing I’m going to do is try to make a goal list and have it put up somewhere in plain sight, so it can’t be missed.  This is an idea I got from Donnie so credit goes to him!  Last year him and I made a goal list and had it written down in some note book which then got promptly closed up and put somewhere.  Who knows where that damned notebook is now.  Try to keep your list from getting too long.  In the past I ended up writing down every little thing, which made the list seem overwhelming.  It’s good to put items on there that seem really difficult, but are totally possible.  Don’t cut yourself short.  So for example, something like, “Getting a New Job” is a big achievement and will be difficult, but i’s not unattainable.  If you have always wanted a garden, that’s cool too, put it on there.  So it can be a list of needs and wants.  We’ll see how this works for me.  My big problem lately is motivation.  I have a feeling I may need to cut down some things so I can get everything back on track.  If anyone out there does the list or finds new ways to motivate, please let me know!  I’d love to hear how you are doing.  🙂

I am sad that I haven’t had any costume work in a long time and want to get back into the game!  So I’m going to try to find something maybe for Connooga, which is coming up fast!  Anyone have any suggestions for something comfortable, easy and possible warm since it’s usually freezing when we are there?  Okay, I’m off!

Later Gator,

-Little Kat


Hey there duders, jobbers and friends!  I uploaded all of the things onto Flickr tonight, so go check it out!

I also create a page on MA site for this years pics:

Yes, it’s all of the photos I so painstakingly took for you all at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA!!  First we worked non-stop for months on costumes and props for everyone and then we woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to pack the vehicle, which almost didn’t happen.  Then I made my boyfriend drive us all the way down to Atlanta, GA to go to the con (five hours).  Then we spent many hours putting on costumes, drinking and then taking pictures for you all.




Of course I’m kidding!  We really do go through all of that of our own accord, but seriously enjoy the pics.  Because I’m usually so caught up in wearing costumes, I usually don’t get a ton of pics.  I decided it was better to have some photos than none so I snapped pics with my Iphone a lot and had my Canon Point N Shoot with me some of the time.  Since my friends are so important to me, you will see a lot of fun, casual shots in there.

Have a great weekend!


Little Kat   > * * <




Friendship Friday – July 18th, 2014: Just Friendship!

Hey all!

I don’t have any crazy costume pics for this week.  I just wanted to share a picture full of FRIENDSHIP!  It’s one of those pictures that always makes me smile when I see it.  Feels right that Dragon Con is coming up and this was taken there one year.  Couldn’t tell ya which year.  We always have such a good time at this convention for many reasons.  It has it’s epic moments and it’s zany moments.  That’s why, I think, we love it.  You feel free to be who you want and enjoy seeing all of the friends who come together.


I love you guys!! And girl I don’t know in the back!!


Happy Weekend!


Friendship Friday Begins!!

So I’ve been noticing how the ThrowBack Thursday stuff has been blowing up over the last couple months and I decided to make my own little internet “thang”.  So here it is guys and gals!!  Coming to you from LittleNeko HERSELF,…………….FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY!!

So yeah.., A couple weeks ago I was searching for some old photos and was really enjoying going through all of the my old costume and con photos and it really brought back some great memories.  It made me feel happy and lucky to have such wonderful times and to have met such wonderful people.  So I thought people might also enjoy seeing some of these random pictures.  You might see yourself one Friday!  😉

So the pictures I post are going to be people in costume for the most part.  I also might sprinkle a few convention pics in there.  They are not always going to be your top of the line perfect shot, not always the super serious costume picture.  Some of these will also be the zany pictures you get while you’re just having fun, goofing around.  The picture you look back and it makes you laugh or smile remembering it.  Also I want this to be a way to honor the amazing costumers I’ve gotten to know so well and show off some of their talent. PS: You will probably see ma face show up in some of these once in a while.  😉

So here is the first picture to start off Friendship Friday!!


Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China

This is my friend Bishop!  When I took this picture I actually didn’t know him at all.  Later on we were introduced at Dragon Con, then found out we live in the same town!  Crazy how that happens.  If you click the image it will take you over to Bishop’s FB page!  He does great airbrush work and has helped me out with a few costumes now.  He does an amazing job!!

Have a great weekend and you can expect a fun picture every Friday!  You can check this here on my website or my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr page!


-Little Neko


MTAC 2014, The Great, The Bad and The Lines

Hey everyone in Internet land!

If you’re interested in Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) then you probably follow them on one of their associated Facebook pages and have seen all the negative comments about this year’s convention.  I wanted to give my thoughts on the weekend.  Of course it’s based on the things I’ve done, but that’s what I got.

SIDE NOTE: I’ll be posting again soon showing off the costumes I’ve been working on.  We got some great pictures so stay tuned!

MTAC was held this year in Murfreesboro, TN instead of downtown Nashville, like last year.  Let’s go with the positives first.  Over all, I personally had a great time, but a big part of it was my friends and me making it what it was.  Besides friends being awesome, I loved the hotel despite how small it was to house the now three thousand plus in attendance at MTAC.  I wish every con could be held at an Embassy Suites!  The room was amazing with bedroom, kitchenette, microwave, good-sized mini fridge. and pull-out bed in the living room.  We all loved the free, full breakfast each morning that usually ran till 10 or 11am!  I’m talkin’ fruit, yogurt, cereal, sausage links, bacon, home fries, omelets, coffee, tea, juice, soda, etc.  Then they had a “Manager’s Reception” from 5pm – 7pm every night–in other words free drinks (beer, wine, and liquor). To top off all of these bonuses they had a free shuttle that took us to our restaurant of choice in Murfreesboro.  We tried to make sure to tip as much as possible.  Along with the hotel, was its friendly staff.  Everyone we dealt with was very helpful and friendly.  We also didn’t experience the always annoying elevator wait.  We never waited too long for an elevator.

So I really have little to complain about when it came to the hotel, the only exception being the obvious lack of space to support the crowd.  Now how can you blame the hotel and its staff for the size of the convention?  I think they handled it as best as they could.  So if people are complaining about the hotel staff, they need to look elsewhere.

I’ve also heard people complaining about the MTAC staff; there might have been issues, but I personally didn’t have any negative experiences.  Oh, by the way, the dealer’s room had a good selection for being downsized.

Now we’ll go for the negatives.  Like I’ve already stated, the hotel wasn’t big enough to support the convention, but it’s had to move from hotel to hotel because of it’s own dramas.  I’m not on the staff so I can’t be specific, but there’s been tales of drama behind the lines and people leaving and/or stepping down.  But anyway, the obvious size issue caused ridiculous lines for registration, to get into panels, game rooms, the dealer rooms, etc.  The Walk-In Registration had to turn people away at some point after hitting their limits each day.  My boyfriend tried a few times to get into the dealer’s room and gave up because the line was so long.  The game room was very tiny and most of the time too many people were on games so one wouldn’t have a chance.  Some of my friends felt it to be so crowded they didn’t even feel like taking pictures and just didn’t want to try to go into some of the rooms.

Now, I’ve gone to MTAC the last six years and almost every year there seems to be some idiot who destroys hotel property, drinks too much, or someone involves drugs into their con experience.  This year was no different as the rave was shut down again.  I’ve heard it was due to two people over dosing on something.   I just don’t understand how people can’t just come in, dance and have a good time.  This isn’t the streets of Oakland, it’s an anime convention.  And yes, my friends and I have drinks, but we’re adults and have never caused any public disturbance.  By the way, don’t ever lay your hand on a cop….no matter what!  Yes, someone did that this weekend and found themselves on the edge of being arrested.  Idgit…

You wonder why we keep having to find a new hotel for the con and you wonder why the people causing all the problems can’t get it through their idiot skulls that there will be no more convention if we keep having to move around like this.  This all becomes extremely frustrating and at the same time I can imagine it being very difficult to keep people like this out of the convention.  My boyfriend and I actually sat at dinner the other night trying to think of how they can regulate this and we couldn’t come up with any great solutions.  We both agreed, as big anime fans, who actually listen to anime music, that they should have a rave with mostly anime dance music and a little bit of electronic.  I know we’d be happy.  😉

So basically, I loved the hotel and its location.  One thing I didn’t mention was there were some great open areas around the hotel that allowed us to get some great pictures.  The lack of space for the size of the con was what caused most of the problems.  If you really have an opinion, let MTAC know instead of just venting online!  I will too.  They have a survey on their website right now where you can let them know what you think.