Akira (Series: Lucky Star)

Lucky Star is definitely a fun, bubbly anime!  It’s great how you learn a little bit about life in Japan from watching it.  This costume I had previously bought, just to wear as a Chobit or a Japanese school girl.  Then my boyfriend and I watched Lucky Star and realized that it looked very much like Akira’s outfit.  So I removed the previous scarf.  The maker of the costume was smart to put snaps on the scarf so it could be easily removed.  I added the black scarf and was in a hurry, so pinned it on.  I made the sign and got my pink wig.  I absolutely love the wig, it is one of my favorites!  FYI, I got the costume from cosaru.com and I got my wig from cosplaystation.ca.  They are both really nice to work with. 🙂


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