Black Rock Shooter

I love, love, love this cosplay and the group I did it with!  A friend of mine asked if I wanted to be Black Rock Shooter and do a group with her and one other gal.  I gladly accepted and here we are!  We all attended MTAC in Nashville, TN, this year to debut our group.  We were battling the clock again to finish, … like always!  Lol.  I want to give a special thanks out to the wonderful men who made our props for us!  It was so much grander with the gigantic props!  My boyfriend made my cannon and it was his first big prop.  I think he did a great job!  He unfortunately experienced the terrible rush to finish before con time.  I hate that feeling!

  • I previously wrote a few posts about my costume progress, but I will talk a little bit about it’s construction.  Here are links to those posts for easy access:

My BRS wig was shipped from China.  I wasn’t satisfied with any I found online here in the USA.  I fell in love with the color of this one and once I got past the rough communication with the seller, I was good to go.  I did cut & style the front and redo the pony tails a bit.

The jacket was the big challenge.  Working with new fabrics,(vinyl and faux leather) was tricky.  😉  I had to get a walking foot for my sewing machine & use tissue paper at certain times to sew with.  The most difficult part was combining two patterns together to get the look and praying it will all work when I put it together.  It still came out a little bigger than I would have liked, but I think it came out great.  Brandi Chan made the white stars for me!  They looked like patches, which was a nice effect.  The bikini was pretty easy and the boots were another challenge.  I never altered boots before and it was scary taking my scissors to them, but worked out great in the end.  The only part of the costume I didn’t make was the shorts.  I ordered them, also from China and had to paint over the gold accents, but that was the easy part.  The white arm cuffs were made by my friend Derek Deweese!  Thanks Derek!  🙂  The amazing contacts I’m wearing were made custom by

So please enjoy the photos!!  Another special thanks to the wonderful photographers who took our photos: Jimmy B., Donnie S., Derek D.  I did a little photoshop work on a few of these for fun.  Enjoy!


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