Catra (Masters of the Universe)


I was a part of a fantastic costume group thanks to one of my best friends.  You’ve met her many times before in my posts and my photos.  She’s had this fun vision to have a He-Man/She-Ra group.  Something she says she’s wanted to do for a long time.  Seeing her entire floor to ceiling She-Ra collection at home, it’s no surprise.


Photo credit goes to Jessica M.

I chose a character from She-Ra, from the side of Eeeeevil, Catra of the Horde.  I actually enjoyed reading her bio on Wikipedia.  Check it out here:  I also enjoyed He-Man and She-Ra as a child and playing with my action figures.  Watching the show on Saturday morning cartoons brings back great memories!  Now I have a feeling some of my friends suggested her to me because I tend to have this cat thing goin’ on.  You know…Little NEKO, nickname Kitty?  So yeah, I think it fits.  I even tried to break out Catra’s cartoon voice here and there at the con, but it could use some work.  😉




So I focused mainly on the two images above to construct my costume.  I love the artistic rendition of her that has a less cartoony feel to it and I love how the bat pattern is incorporated into the chest piece with the little Hordak head.  The other image was great to see her entire outfit and to bring it back to the original art.  I decided to start with the chest piece first since I thought it would be the most difficult and I think this was a wise decision cause the other pieces seemed to flow along better afterward.  All the armor you see is made of Worbla.  I used epoxy sculpt to smooth over certain areas that I felt needed it and then primed the armor, it was air brushed the dark red color (by my friend Bishop) then I weathered it.

And lastly I wanted to show off my boyfriend’s Orko costume he did.  It looked really good!  He gave Orko a more mystical and powerful vibe.  He sewed the entire costume himself and created the glowing eyes.  The latex ears and hands were airbrushed by our buddy Bishop.


(Photo credit goes to Jessica M.)




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