Christmas Kitty

(The anime character seen in the button to get to this page was only one character I used as an inspiration for Christmas Kitty!  I used about four different images for inspiration.  This one mainly for the boots.  Cute, no?)

As you can probably tell, this was originally the Oriental Inspired Christmas dress and now has been transformed!  I truly, truly love the additional accessories.  I made the collar, the paw gloves, tail, altered some pre-existing cat ears and added some decor to my boots.

The cat ears I bought at a con and I always hated how they came on a piece of elastic cord that you wrap around your head,…. hurts like hell.  So I got rid of the elastic cord and glued on a black, wide piece of elastic only in-between the ears.  I didn’t realize how amazingly well this would work until it was all together.  I used snap clips (on the elastic) to attach to my hair and I also added a tiny red bow and bells on each ear.

This time, the fluffy trim on the dress I added, is not going anywhere!!  It’s now sewn on to stay.  Last time I wore this dress, I ran out of time and had to do a quick sew/pin job of the fluff to the dress.  All night it kept falling off in sections and I had to run to the ladies room to pin it back on.  Sadness.

Last but not least, the adorable little paws!  I was so happy to get such a great reaction from people about these paws.  Everyone just loved them.  I used faux fur again and hand sewed the little pink pads(corduroy like) and used my machine for the big pad.  Added little claws stuffed for shape and added the little pom poms.

The tail is simply fleece material, sewn, pulled inside out, stuffed, tied off at the top, glued to some elastic and then the elastic slides onto the belt.

Wallah!  Christmas Kitty is born!!  Worn at Santa Ramage 2010.


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