Clap Trap – The Purse

ClapTrap ButtonI have always thought having purses to go along with your cosplays was a great idea.  I decided to go for it this time!  Why you say?

  1. My dedication to my Maya cosplay, a costume which I have evolved more than once and have worn over and over.
  2. My enjoyment of the Borderlands games, of course!
  3. The fun I’ve had dressing up and getting together with the Borderlands cosplayers at Dragoncon!
  4. Who doesn’t love Clap Trap!
  5. Who wouldn’t want a Clap Trap purse?

I saw others making full sized Clap Traps inspired by Bill Doran of Punished Props (thanks Bill) and I decided I wanted a little, portable one of my own.  I was very happy with the end result and love this little guy!  I take him out at cons when I’m just wearing normal clothes.  I tried to go all out making his outside shell with leather and give him some light up features.  The inside is made of Worbla and some EVA foam.  I found a toy wheel and attached it through the bottom of the EVA foam with wire.  I attached brackets on the sides so I could attach an actual purse strap.  His arms are removable and they can rotate a bit.  I wasn’t sure how to go about the arms so I’m glad I can remove them for future improvements.  The outside is all hand painted with acrylics.  He has duel zippers on top so you can open him up and actually store stuff inside like a cell phone, money, cards, a small water, makeup, etc.  There is also an internal panel that holds all the electonics and switch for his lights.  I wanted to add speakers to him, but unfortunately I just never got around to it.  My friend Jamie helped me construct the electronics to make Clap Trap light up.  I really want to learn about basic wiring to make my costumes light up or move.  Just another thing to add to the learning list!  🙂

I’m very proud of my Clap Trap and the hard work I put into making him.  I’ve had a couple people ask me about making one to sell, but it took months to make this one so I’m not sure if I’m up for that task yet.  🙂  I always have more creative projects on my plate.

Next up, the Clap Trap inspired bathing suit!  Check it out here!  The Dragon Con Borderlands Group had a Borderlands Swimsuit Party and I thought it would be fun to join in.  Hence the next project and yet another tribute to this misfit robot.

PS: I have a ton of progress photos of this build, but it’s another project to get that all up as well.  Hopefully I can work on that soon!  😉

CLICK the photos below to see them in FULL!  Enjoy!


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