Clap Trap Themed Bathing Suit

ClapTrapBSI wanted to join the Borderlands Pool Party photoshoot at Dragon Con, but wasn’t sure what to do.  I didn’t have time to make something too elaborate and had my Clap Trap purse already.  So I decided to make a bathing suit inspired by him!  This ended up being so much fun and comfortable to wear that I kept it on later that night and walked around in it.  When people actually asked about the bathing suit, the reaction was a surprised disbelief that I made it myself.  In my book that’s a really nice compliment for a cosplayer!  I really loved many parts to this cosplay even though it was just a bathing suit.  I love how the wig turned out!  I took a white wig and added yellow and dark grey highlights to have it match Clap Trap.  I used acrylic markers.  I remember one color working better than the other.  I ended up with two diff brands for some reason.  I did a sort of weave on the back of the wig so when I made the pigtails you wouldn’t see the wefts underneath.  This is time consuming, but looks ten times better than if you didn’t do it!  I also took a black beach towel I purchased online and did some bleaching effects with stencils.  Not hard at all and fun to do!  I also made some Borderlands themed bangle bracelets.  I’m not sure anyone noticed them, but that’s okay.  I used a bathing suit pattern to make the swimsuit.  It was not easy working with the stretchy fabric and using different stitches so it would stretch appropriately.  The bottom ended up being just slightly wider than it should have been, but it still looked good in the end.  No you don’t see any cell shading on me and I felt bad about that, but I want to add it in the future!

There are a lot of photos here, but that’s because I loved this cosplay and the group.  Plus I went to the shoot two years in a row.  🙂

CLICK the photos below to see them in FULL!  Enjoy!

ClicK Here to see Clap Trap the Purse or Maya from Borderlands!

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