Cortana from Halo 3

After dressing as Arwen, I decided that I should start trying to make my own costumes.  I thought Cortana was a great character and I am definitely a Halo fan.  I also liked that she was a rare cosplay.  I decided to try to make her the best Cortana cosplay out there.  This ends up being my goal on all of my costumes.  🙂  Unfortunately with a perfectionist attitude, you end up getting somewhat obsessed and spend a lot of time on the costumes.  Now, even after, I can somewhat sew and use a sewing machine, I can say this costume was the most difficult out of all I have done so far.  I didn’t have to sew a thing, but I dyed it and hand painted the entire costume.  Things I’ve never done before and the stretchy material was difficult to lay flat to paint.  I still want to make improvements to it.  For some reason, I’ve still never been satisfied with it even though I get many kind compliments when I wear it.

I discovered later I was listed as one of the 25 hottest babes at DragonCon with Very cool!  Click here to see the article.

I also had a interview done about my costume.  Here is the post with the video:

This was posted December 2009.


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