Elina – Queen’s Blade series

Captain of the Guard Elina is one of the saucy characters of the anime series Queen’s Blade!  I was asked to do this cosplay by a good friend (I know I keep doing costumes from request, but that’s because they are so much fun to do together) .  I think this is one of those instances where you are just drawn to the characters costumes, not necessarily because it’s your favorite anime.  lol.  Well for my friend, anyway.  🙂  This is a fan service anime!  If you decide to check out Queen’s Blade, be warned, it is an anime made for adults.  My photos of the cosplay are not dirty as we didn’t wish to show too much of the lady parts!  Consider the pictures sexy, ..no?  😉

This costume was very tricky to make!  As always, I learned a lot of new techniques: working with Bondo(the real Bondo), paper clay, more resin, spray foam, etc.  I would say the armor bra was the most difficult. I first tried making a model bra out of duck tape, but it wasn’t very accurate and it didn’t hold it’s shape very well.  I ended up trying to use some Wonderflex as a base and then covered it with bondo.  Then added the raised details out of paperclay.  Of course you can never fully tell how everything will look until you are finished.  If I could tell how big the raised areas were going to look, I probably would have made them smaller.  I do love the beautiful look of the metallic paint!  The ears were also difficult, but I’m happy with how they came out.  I probably worked on the ears the longest.  After much trial and error(and don’t forget the throwing of chairs) I finished them.  In some of the photos you can see they light up!  This needs improvement as the lights would move around inside and not stay put!  I had no idea how to put together the fabric part of this costume, but I managed to get it together with time running out!  If I could get some pro advice, I’d love to redo it.

This figure is what I used to as a model to create the costume. Literally, it's in my craft room right now. 😉

The armor glove was rushed, but it actually wasn’t too difficult.  Once again, this costume was a little too rushed, mostly from the lack of my knowledge of prop making.  I ended up spending way too much time on the ears.  I would also like to redo the armor glove.  🙂   I used Wonderflex, Bondo and paint.  The round purple piece was suppose to glow as well, but we couldn’t get it to work at the last minute.

The spear was made by my boyfriend and I’m very thankful he went through all the time to make it!!  Thanks baby!!  It has a spray foam base, covered with paper mache newspaper, resin, bondo and paint!  The middle is a wooden rod of course.

Despite all the trouble I ran into, I’m still very happy with making Elina and I learned a lot from the process!  I’m always happy to do costumes with good friends as well.  An extra plus is simply doing a sexy costume!  🙂

I was shocked at how it all came together at Dragon Con.  I was ready to give up the night I had to put it together with my girlfriends.  I was having a lot of frustration with the fake boobs.  The ridiculously, huge, fake boobs!!  🙂  They were too big in my opinion and I had to add some type of latex safe make up on them to try to match my skin.  The make up kept blotching up and I already covered almost the whole thing and it looked terrible.  I don’t know what happened, but when I finally put it on it looked just fine!  Maybe it was the lighting I was using while applying the make up.  There was a serious moment when I had tears welling up in my eyes.  I saw all the hard work I put into it for those months flash before me.  🙂

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