Eureka (Series – Eureka Seven)

This is a cosplay I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Ever since I watched Eureka Seven of course!  I think it’s one of those characters that a girl sees and it’s so appealing to cosplay.  Cute, blue hair…,adorable and youthful, yet she can be sexy, if you want.  😉  Eureka is a mystery, almost till the end of the series.  She is extremely expressionless at first and doesn’t really understand emotion.  It’s actually exciting when you start to see her smile for the first time..  I personally think she’s a bad ass!  😉

Since I’ve gained a little more sewing experience I decided I could finally pull this off.  This would be the second,  “whole” costume I’ve ever made.  This dress looked simple, but I was going crazy when I couldn’t figure out where to start.  After suggestions for patterns from friends, I found one that looked like it would work.  I also had to combine the two different patterns that came in the envelope so I could get the look I wanted.  A little scary not following the cutting line!  lol.  Another suggestion was to make it into a real jumper and shirt.  I liked that because I wanted to make it as realistic as possible.  So that’s what I did.  I am still not official happy with the shirt because I made it out of broadcloth (a suggestion from the lady at the fabric store).  I didn’t like how the broadcloth has no stretch and it was hard to take on and off and I thought it would bunch up.  It did a little, but wasn’t too bad.  I made my own fabric buttons as well.  Found a great tutorial and it was a life saver because I could not find the color buttons I needed.

I added a type of vinyl to the boots and painted them.  So happy they turned out great!  My wig was bought online and came styled.  I did spike the ends a bit on the sides and the back.  My first time spiking hair ever!  I learned that having a wet wash cloth at hand is very important.  🙂

The last challenge was to figure out how to pose in this costume and to do expressions.  Eureka had a lot of expressionless faces till the end so I wanted to have those looks.  It’s hard for me to do those photos!  They fall in the category of sexy photos.  Sexy expression = serious.  No smiles!  I think I didn’t do too bad!  He, he, he…  But I still had to pull out the kawaii smiles once in a while!!

UPDATE 10/15/2010:  There are so many photos of this costume now I’ve had to go and delete some off of here and there’s still too many!    There are some amazing photos so please click on them and check it out!!  Below is an artistic rendition of Eureka I found online.  I loved the rift board in this image and wanted to make my rift board like this one.  

Artistic rendition of Eureka & her rift board: the model I used for my rift board.

NOTE: Special thanks goes out to the following people:   the great lady at for the beautiful wig.  Also Jimmy Burns ( who took all the portrait photos seen in the gallery and other photos taken by Donnie Sinclair ( and Mike Pynkala.  One last thank you goes to…Leah!!  Thanks for being so available for question and for putting up with my ass.  You rock. 🙂


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