Fluttershy (Raver Style): My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic)

If you go to conventions or are in certain geek circle you know the show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, blew up last year.  My girlfriends wanted to start up a costume group and  turn it into a raver theme!   I really love the raver idea and also ended up loving my character, Fluttershy.  I love her personality and her colors work well together.  I guess the girls thought I fit the personality of the character.  I guess they think I’m shy?  I never officially found out, but they are right though I hate to admit it.  I was super shy as a kid and still a bit shy as an adult.  I also love nature and have also enjoyed being around animals.  So it’s a good fit.  🙂

At first I didn’t like my Fluttershy cosplay.  I wore it first at Dragon Con last year.  I didn’t have the wings finished.  The actually wings were done, but the frame was not.  So of course I had one of my normal freak out moments, not to mention I didn’t really get into the whole thing till 11pm!!  :/  I had to do a photoshoot with my Blue Fairy character around 7pm which took a while.  Then had to get out of that costume and immediately get into the MLP costume.  Because of my silly stress I wasn’t sure how it looked when I finally had it on.  The second time I wore it at GMX and I loved it!  Lol.  I think it’s adorable and we got some really cute pictures.

This costume was a collaboration of my friends!  Jess made my ears and Ashley made the cincher and tutu.  I made the wings and set up the krin.  It’s so fitting since MLP is all about friendship!  😉  I can’t take much credit on this one.  My girls did a great job!  This is really fun to wear and the krin is fun cause it bounces around.  Much cheaper  to buy your own krin and rig it up to go in your hair then buying ones that are already set up to go in your hair.

If you want to check out Jess’s blog click here.  Ashley has a Etsy shop and you can check it out here.   Photography credit goes to the always amazing Jimmy Burns from Angry Dog Studios.  Check out his page here.

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