Iona: Arpeggio of Blue Steel

tumblr_mw9tdb2Ecz1sxrn8co1_1280I watched Arpeggio of Blue Steel last November.  It had a cool, sci-fi story and I loved the characters.  I mean these girls control or are battleships!  How cool is that?!  If that sounds like all kinds of cool, sci-fi badassery to you, then click here to watch it on Crunchyroll:


Iona is one of the lead female characters and member of the Fog Fleet, which are not human.  They are called mental models.  Iona has an android like personality.  To be specific, it’s like a “Data” type personality, as in Data from Star Trek: TNG.  She has that expression-less face, but she’s curious about humanity and the world around her.  She does smile from time to time.  🙂

I wasn’t happy about having to make Iona’s cosplay in only a month, but I did it some how!  The fabric is all stretch twill and I was very happy with it.   The top was the most difficult.  I had to Frankenstein two different patterns together and it was messy to watch.  Surprisingly there are not a lot of school girl uniform tutorials online, but I want to thank The Cosplay Chronicles girl:  Her video tutorials are very helpful and cute!  I was trying to find some help for making the collar.  Kept finding ways to make the collar, but not a lot on how to attach it.  I tried my best attaching it and used a baste stitch to see how it would look.


Having my paper tape dummy was very helpful in making this costume!  I ended up making this costume very form fitting.  Most of the time I make them too big.  Because of this and having the collar sewn in (once the top was pretty much finished) I had to install the zipper in upside down to be able to get the top on!  It worked nicely.

I’m proud of the skirt with how it turned out.  Still have no idea how you get the exact waist measurement with pleats because it still didn’t turn out right, but that’s okay.  The skirt should be shorter, but I’m okay with it for now.  Bought my first pair of Doc Martins for this costume.  That’s right!  They were the only pair of white boots on the internet and they looked just like her boots.  They will look cool with a pair of jeans or shorts.  😉





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