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Our Seagull posse came to be because of my good friend Jimmy Burns over at Angry Dog Studios! With his love of all things Disney and added inspiration by the animatronic seagulls at Disney World, he decided to try to bring these guys to life and we were lucky enough to be brought along into the project.  Jimmy had created resin casts of the birds and made the feet, beaks and an assembly for the inside, then sent it to us at kits.  The assembly inside would allow us to have little pull strings so we could make the beak open and close and also make the wings flap. Thinking back I don’t know how we possibly finished these on time, as they were assembled and worked on two days before we took off for Dragon Con.  We were in the typical crazied, sleep deprived, last minute stretch before D-Con with the additional of the Seagulls.  My boyfriend was able to assemble everything himself and carefully glue them together.  We purchased helmets to attach the birds to because the idea is to wear them on our heads!  There were seven of us total in the seagull posse and each of us had to come up with a unique base for our seagull to stand on, which would be constructed over the helmets.  I decided to go with something resembling the beach.  I took some foam they use for couch cushions and cut it up, gluing it to the top of the helmet here and there to create some surface for my beach.  Then I covered it in scraps of worbla that were heated and shaped over the helmet.  This was not done smoothly since we were doing this, at 2am, the night before the con, but I’d love to improve it in the future.  I mixed play sand, water and glue, then pasted it onto the worbla.  I think I also tried to add sand with spray adhesive.  I think if I could play with the sand, glue and water some more I could make something that sticks better and stays.  I have had chunks of the sand fall off.  Don’t rush your projects kids!  I decided to name my gal Katie Seagull as a play on the actresses name since my boyfriend’s guy was going to be Steven Seagull.  😉  I drew S + K in the sand on my helmet!  <3 <3 <3

It’s been a lot of fun taking the seagulls out and we’ve had such an amazing reaction from the crowds.  We usually take cues from each other while playing with the crowds, going, “MINE! MINE! MINE!”  This of course causes others around us to MINE! MINE! MINE!  I wish I could find some better pictures of the group, but it’s hard to get great pictures when there are 7 of us and we are trying to pose for people all around us on the con floor.

So again a special thanks to Jimmy for including us in this amazing project!  If you wanna see more of Jimmy’s work visit his website here: http://www.angrydogstudios.com

Please check out the photos below and CLICK on them to enlarge.


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