Lady Jaye – GI Joe

Here I played the part of Staff Sergeant Alison R. Hart-Burnett, AKA, Lady Jaye.  A friend of mine asked my boyfriend and I to join him and some others in doing a GI Joe group.  We were happy to do it and so the research began on Lady Jaye (for my boyfriend, Shipwreck).  With this one, I seemed to do more putting together random parts to piece the costume together, instead of sewing.  I did sew on Velcro for my patches, altered my tank top, sewed my patch onto my hat and altered my boyfriend’s shirt because it was too baggy.  You have to understand I mention all of this because I’m so proud that I am able to alter clothes now!!  🙂

Luckily I was able to borrow some military gear from friends and got a great flight suit online that happen to fit very well.  Still might take in the legs later on.  My friend, Mike made the weapon you see in the photos.  It’s called a Javelin.   The wig I got was perfect with the hat, but believe it or not looked crazy, poofy without the hat.  The lady who I bought it from gave me some stress when she sent the wrong one and then held it hostage till I sent hers to her.  Which I did immediately and gave her a tracking number.  She still refuse to send it till she got the package and did a bad job of keeping in touch with me.  Ohh, the woes of Ebay…  Oh well, turned out good in the end 🙂  I received some great compliments on this one, people saying I portrayed the character very well.


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