Maid Cosplay (Original Design)

I’ve always wanted to do a maid outfit since I started costuming!  I was so happy being able to do this.  My good friend, Brandi, helped me make this a reality!  Thanks Sensei!

This costume was debuted at Connooga 2012.

If you watch anime you have most likely seen some of your favorite female characters being put into maid outfits during an episode or two.  Yeah sometimes the males get it too.  heh..  This is a great example of why I love anime.  They take the characters and play with them in fun ways.  For example, they may have them do a synchronized dance routine, put them in costumes or different outfits.  The first time I fell in love with the idea of doing a maid cosplay was after watching Shuffle.  At the end of the series they put Primula into a Kitty Maid Costume.  So kawaii!!


Maid cafes have become popular in Japan and have also made there way into other countries.  I’ve read there are also cafe’s dedicated to the ladies where the male staff are all dressed as butlers.  Yes please!!

The maid costume my friend & I did were not specific characters, but an original design we brought together.  I must give Brandi most of the credit.  She created an amazing sketch after we discussed how we wanted the costume to look.  The sketch really helped give us a direction to go and made things easier.  She also had an pattern available for us to make the neck piece and the arm cuffs.  Because of our time crunch I ran out of time to make the neck piece.   I will have it finished for future conventions.

I really wanted the classic maid look.  A little sexy, but not french maid sexy.  heh, heh…  Velveteen black fabric was used which gave the costume a luxurious look.  We used eyelet lace for the details and cotton sateen for the apron.  My girlfriend and I live over 6 hours away from each other.  So we have to use the magical world of technology like Skype and pictures messaging to coordinate getting this outfit together.  I think we pulled it off nicely!  🙂

We found a pattern to use for the dress although we had technical difficulty with the skirt!  When I made the toile, even when gathering the fabric completely I was left with extra fabric.  I  found the instructions for the top of the skirt confusing.  I was still able to sew the skirt on the toile so I thought this would work out fine on the real fabric.  NOT the case.  Lol.  I seemed to have even more fabric and trying overlapping it and sewing over.  Wowza, what a pain!  In the end it worked out cause I was going to be covering some of this section up with the apron and bow.  I also used my new serger for the first time on this costume, which made working with the fabric so much easier.

Brandi and I found adorable wigs at Epic!  We wanted to be matching in color so we purchased the beautiful pastel purple wigs.

I had so much fun wearing this with Brandi and I can’t wait to wear it again.  I think we need to invest in some feather dusters so we can dust everybody and everything.  ;P  It is challenging to do identical poses, but necessary when wearing adorable maid outfits.  😉

Enjoy the photos!  Once again, it was very difficult to pick only a few photos since we had so many good ones and really fun ones as well.  Credit of course goes to our fantastic photographers Donnie S. and Jimmy B.  🙂




  1. Bobbie B. Connelly

    beautiful outfit, found it on my Pinterest account feed. How can I order/purchase it ? Is it available in plus size/custom maid ?

  2. Thank you for the compliment Bobbie! Unfortunately I don’t have any for sale at this time. I haven’t made a costume for anyone else before. Maybe some day! 🙂

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