Margarita Guy – Jurassic World

Margarita ManSo our friend Brian decided this costume group had to be a thing!  That’s right, it’s that guy in Jurassic World who was double-fisting his margaritas!!  Bigger than life dinosaurs are about to tear the roof off this very “product placed” dining area of the park.  They are gonna step on your head, possibly eat you, but you know what’s most important in this life…..,  MA DRINKS YO!  Jimmy Buffet was so proud this day.  So yes, the running of the buffets was a thing this year at Dragoncon!  It was actually a ton of fun running around with the group, reenacting the short, but memorable scene in Jurassic World.  This group, of course, had to meet up with the other Jurassic Park/World cosplayers so there was some fun interactions, including a life size fake pile of Dino Droppings!  My friend, Liz, who has as an amazing velociraptor costume, dressed it up as a buffet as well.  She borrowed our margaritas since they were huge and fitting for said dino!  I need to find more pics from this group and we had some fun moments.  Donnie and I didn’t have the peach color shirts like the rest of the group (I know, for shame), but we did get t-shirts with velociraptors holding the margaritas on them, we obtained the hat, sunglasses, white pants and we made these giant fake margaritas for the run.  The group was being very helpful in making sure everyone knew how to make the fake margaritas.  The are made with fake limes and resin.  I think some people snuck in a few real margaritas too.  😉

CLICK the photos below to see them in FULL!  Enjoy!

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