Maya (Borderlands 2)

A friend asked me to join him in doing a Borderlands 2 group and this is months before the game is even out!  Unfortunately him and his wife were unable to come to Dragon Con which is where we were going to wear the costumes.  I was very sad they weren’t able to join me, but I was committed to the costume.  Plus I actually play Borderlands and have a blast with the game.  So I was happy when he suggested this group.  In fact, as I’m writing this, Borderlands 2 is coming out tomorrow and I’ll be picking up my pre-ordered copy when I get off work.  😉

The main piece of this costume is the body suit Maya wears.  I have never made a body suit before.  So I needed some help.  I consulted with a couple I know who are body suit experts, Steve and Gena.  You’ve probably seen them before in some of my photos.  They are well known for their amazing comic book character cosplays, like Captain America or Super Girl!  Of course they can take on any genre and make it look easy.  So they were kind enough to show me how they use measurements and an excel spread sheet they created to draft a custom body suit pattern.  It was just jaw dropping how they did this.  This was a great start.  I had to create a mock up suit with practice fabric and then have my boyfriend draw all the designs onto the suit.  Then I had to cut all of the patterns out and add back in seam allowances.  Then of course sew it all back together with the good fabric.  Oh boy…  I only described this process in a few sentences, but damn this was difficult.  If you follow me on Facebook, you can see some progress photos of my labor pains.  Lol.  We also had a problem with the zipper.  I tried more than once to put the zipper in by myself, but the zipper bubbled out terribly.  So I had to wear the suit and then put the zipper in.  I think since I added a neck piece into the suit, incorrectly, this was part of the problem.  Ugh.  So after some fixing around the neck and re adding the zipper about 4 times, I have the final product!  I’m happy with how it turned out and I think it’s pretty good for a first body suit with such technicality.

My boyfriend, Donnie, has really been my prop maker recently!  This time around it was a little simpler.  He found an old play station 2 gun at a pawn shop and spiffed it up with some paint and weathered it.  You can’t see the weathering in these pictures.  I need to add one because it looks great!

I lucked out in having a pool toy to use for Maya’s energy bubble, but I want to make something more accurate in the future.  In the picture she is wearing what looks like jeans with different patches.  I had to buy a pair of jeans a bit bigger than I usually wear to get them to tilt off the hip like that.  Of course since they aren’t made for this the butt sags a bit, but what can you do.  Lol.  I found some military belts for the straps around her legs and also bought the black belt you see.  I styled the wig and was pretty happy with the results!  I would like to make the front pieces not as poofy.  I might trim them up a bit.


You will definitely see a major progression of this costume while looking through the pictures.  They go from newest to oldest.

I wanted to do a different “head” from the game!  So I did the Pigtail Pugilist!  I also got my Clap Trap purse finished and made a Legendary Siren Class mod.  Still never finished my shield!  I’ve also improved on my face makeup over time. 🙂  You can see all of this in the most recent pictures.  Thanks for watching!


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