Mio Akiyama Cosplay (Series:K-ON!)

Mio Akiyama is a one of the cute girls from the series K-ON!  K-ON! is a pretty simple anime.  It’s not flashy or full of adventure.  It simply follows four girls who are in high school and all meet over trying to revive the schools light music club.  They are doing every day things and just enjoying being girls together.  The anime’s appeal is the characters themselves, the animation style and the soundtrack!  The characters are extremely likeable and the songs that the girls band play throughout the show are great.  Band name: Hokage Tea Time.  🙂

As you’re watching K-ON! of course the ending and beginning credits have the songs playing and sometimes it’s like watching a music video, of course with great costumes and all!  In the Season 1 ending credits they play the video for the song “Don’t Say Lazy”, which is where my costume is from.  I would love to own the figures that were created for this song.  They are rare now and if you find one, it costs a pretty penny!

I debuted this cosplay at Dragon Con 2010.  While making the dress I learned how to make bows, ruffles & gathers.  Here are some links to the posts where I wrote about the progress of the costume: http://littleneko.com/2010/07/mio-akiyama-costume-update/http://littleneko.com/2010/07/bow-fail-and-more/http://littleneko.com/2010/08/last-mio-akiyama-costume-update-and-more/.  Check those out for some good progress photos and info.

For some reason I am extremely hooked to the merchandise for this anime.  I can’t get enough of it!  lol.  I have a figma figure of Mugi Chan (with Keyboard), a super sweet figure of Mio in her maid outfit with guitar, a poster & a car shade of the girls in maid outfits(http://littleneko.com/2011/06/video-product-review-k-on-carshade/).  My most recent purchase was Mugi Chan in a maid/waitress outfit carrying a big tray of tasty goodies!  🙂

Ahhhh, K-ON….


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