Mira Yurazaki & Mabuchi: Dimension W


As we started to watch Dimension W, I instantly loved Mira’s look and the playfulness of her character.  I wanted to try to design her look and see what happens.  I was excited that Donnie wanted to jump in and work on Mabuchi.  The anime itself, is not bad.  I give it an “okay” review because it took a long time for it to pick up for me.  The last couple episodes were great, but I wish someone would come along and redo the ones before to give them some new life.  That being said I think it’s one to watch.  Then you can decide on your own.  I do really love the characters Mira and Mabuchi!  [Cosplay photo gallery is at the bottom of the page]

img_chara_mira_mainEven after having years of costume builds under my belt, I still end up with design challenges I don’t realize are there till I’m in the middle of making said costume.  With this one some of the trouble areas were the yellow dress, finding a way to attach the antenna pieces and tail, also creating the antenna.  Funny thing is I have always struggled with styling my wigs, which include cutting, curling, straightening, high pony tails and coloring.  Despite that I think they have gotten better and better.  I’m very proud of this one!  I think it’s one of the best parts of this cosplay.  I want to put up a detailed post about it’s construction.  I took progress photos as I went along and possibly some video.  The wig took a lot of work, but it was worth it.  I re-researched dying sythetic wigs and which method I wanted to go for.  I ended up using my airbrush and acrylic dyes.  I added the purple wefts to the wig, teased and used freeze spray to get it nice and big.

The yellow dress (which goes on top of a black under dress) was such a pain in the butt and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.  I created a mock up with similar fabric, a first version with yellow fabric, interfacing and a different dress pattern that wasn’t right and then the final version!  *wipes brow*  The final version was made using a cotton interlock knit fabric.  I wanted a nice soft fabric that would slouch okay in certain spots, but the fabric I ended up with was too thin and so I tried to make a lining for it.  Still wish I could figure out a different way to make the dress, but it’s hard to go back and redo when you always have more projects on your plate. The black under dress was perfect!!  The fabric & pattern I choose was perfect for it and it fits me great.  I would wear this one out on it’s own!  PS: Super comfy!
IMG_3434I never figured out a great way to attach the tail to myself.  I ended up adding a string to the top of it, to go around my waist and using tape they use on skin to actually attach it right on my tailbone.  The tail itself looked great and it wasn’t hard to make.  Things usually go like this:

“Wow, look at this beautiful tail or head piece I made!  It’s awesome! ……. Hmmm, now how the hell do I attach this thing to myself!!”  —> Throws piece off back deck into yard.  Joking!!  Well….. for the most part. 😉

The antenna were a bit of a challenge, when it came to attaching the wing pieces to the dome shaped pieces and then attaching them to my wig.  The domed pieces were made using a mock up made and then vacuum formed.  The wing like pieces were made out of left over Sintra plastic.  We used vacuum-forming for the first time ever which was very exciting.  Thanks to Punished Props video, we made a small vacuum-form box and used an old toaster oven.  Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/Gx66mS7U2vY  I airbrushed the pink details on and used some epoxy sculpt, fish tank tube and wires to try to attach these.

My boyfriend did a great job making Mabuchi’s costume from scratch!  He has my old sewing machine and grabbed himself some patterns and fabric and got to work.  I’m sure he had his own struggles, but he’ll have to post about that!  🙂  The throwing knives (not sure the exact name of these) were made out of mdf board, sanded and painted.  In the future I really would like to add a page just for progress photos and build info so I can tell you more about how I make my costumes.

Thank you for visiting my page and feel free to ask questions.  I can’t give away every detail, but I will try to send you in the right direction.  If you’d like to check out the anime Dimension W you can catch it right now on Hulu.com and on Funimation’s site!  

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