Mirai Kuriyama – Beyond the Boundary

I was browsing Tumblr one night and ran across an image of Mirai Kuriyama.  I instantly fell for this adorable girl!  I had no idea what anime she was from, but because of my love for Kyoto Studios style of animation I could tell it was one of their works.  You know the look!  Soft, inviting, flowing and super cute.  😉  Mirai is a character from the anime and light novel called Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata)


Mirai is a shy, sweet girl who is also a bit clumsy. She is the last surviving member of her clan.  They are Spirit World Warriors which are specialists who protect humans from being affected by youmu (a type of super natural creature).

So of course as this show gained popularity one could find more sites from over seas selling whole costume sets of Mirai’s sweater, top, skirt, along with the glasses and the wig.  I like to make everything I can.  Who knows why, but I try!  Of course I wanted the exact sweater she’s wearing and saw many from China, but didn’t know when that would arrive so I happen to find a $5.00 sweater that has the same look at Goodwill!  What a great find!

I actually bought a bunch of wigs from Epic Cosplay on a Black Friday sale, last year.  Funny thing is I just bought the Mirai wig because I thought it looked cute.  I really think, subconsciously, I liked it because it reminded me of her.  When I decided to cosplay her, I had an “Ah-ha” moment when I realized I already had the wig!

Since I was working on Iona from Arpeggio of Blue Steel at this time and had little time, I had to find a top to alter instead of making one from scratch.  I got lucky and found a great top with soft, stretchy fabric.  I had to remove the existing collar and cut the top of the jacket so that the one side would wrap over to the right instead of meeting in the middle of the jacket.  If you look at Mirai’s jacket you will see one flap on the front goes across to the right and that’s where you button it up.  So I removed the buttons that were on the jacket and added my own.  I also added some new button holes.  I absolutely love some of the features on my new sewing machine.  It has a button feature and button hole feature, which makes it so easy to do buttons.  Doing the hole was a little tricker, but still not bad.

Mirai Kuriyama Collage2

I thought Mirai’s skirt pleats were pretty big so at first I made them about five inches across.  Ugh!  What was I thinking?  It wouldn’t even really pleat.  I had to take the yoke off and re-do the pleats to four inches.  They still looked huge, but they worked.  They were especially nice when I had to do certain stances while posing for photos.

I have to talk about the glasses!  I really wanted translucent red glasses, not solid red glasses.  Also not easy to come by, in the correct shape.  I finally found a pair on Ebay and was able to get cheap prescription lens put in them at Wal-Mart.  Soooo excited to not have to wear contacts for a costume!!  My eyes were so happy!  🙂

My boyfriend wanted to make Mirai’s blood sword and it turned out looking great! We thought we had a problem when the resin wasn’t reacting well with the paint, but the reaction turned into a good thing and made it look more like blood.


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