Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu X Boku SS)

I believe I watched Inu X Boku SS last year some time and right away loved the anime.  I enjoyed the characters and wished for more when it ended.  We did find an OVA inu_x_boku_ss-kimono-poker-face-008-shirakiin_ririchiyo-thighhighsthat’s awesome.  It’s a must see if you enjoyed the series.  🙂  Of course I wanted to cosplay Ririchiyo and Karuta.  I still would love to cosplay Karuta in the future and make Ririchiyo’s school outfit.  The anime has that happy go lucky, humorous feel with a touch of darkness added to it.  If you wanna give it a go, you can watch it on Crunchyroll here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/inu-x-boku-secret-service and it looks like it’s on Hulu Plus now: http://www.hulu.com/inu-x-boku-secret-service.


Lets get the negative out of the way first:  I struggled a bit with picking out fabric.  I always seem to struggle with figuring out which fabric would be good for a costume.  I wanted something that would flow a little bit but at the same time have some thickness to it.  I didn’t want it to be shiny.  Doing this again, I would go with a lighter fabric and just keep the red details what they are,….details!  I originally made two yukata tops, one white and one red.  Thinking in case the inside was seen down the sleeves I needed to have the red go all the way through.  It ended up being too much fabric and therefore made me look thicker as well.  I ended up cutting the middle of the red yukata completely out and just serging the edges, leaving a majority of the sleeves.  I wasn’t super happy with how the top came out so I would like to make it again!  And of course, running out of time there are a few things I would like to adjust.

The other part I wasn’t happy with was the wig.  I really love ordering wigs from Epiccosplay.com because they are so soft and tangle free, but they didn’t have the color in the style I wanted.  So I ended up having to go with this brighter purple and the wig had a slight bump on top from shipping.  I didn’t realize what the bump was till I read about this online recently.  It gave my head an egg shape and it didn’t look natural.  The other big problem I had while wearing this costume was my wig constantly getting fuzzy and bunched up by the scarf.  The character’s scarf lays on top of her hair instead of under it and then wraps around her neck loosely, then hangs down the back.  Because the scarf was laying on the wig hair, it caused the hair to constant bubble and frizz out above the scarf in the back.  My boyfriend had to constantly comb it down under the scarf, but it would happen again as soon as I would move.  I need to come up with a solution for this or I don’t want to wear the costume again.  That annoying!  I don’t know if I can put some wires into the scarf so it’s not laying on the hair as much or what.  If you have any suggestions, please write me and I’d love to hear what you think!

So now the positive!  Lol.  I really loved how the skirt came out!  It was my first try at a pleated skirt.  I followed a youtube video and made a pleat board.  Here is a link if you’d like to make a pleat board: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kClWa14SbhY&feature=share&list=PL79ECF73CDD881862   I used that, along with an iron and spray starch to make the pleats.  My only comment on this would be to take care when measuring out how wide you want the pleats to be.  I measured and thought I had the spacing all the same width, but when I drew my lines and then used the scissors (like they do in the vid) I guess my scissors wouldn’t get in really close to my yard stick and some of them ended up being different widths.  🙂  Anyway, I don’t think making a pleated skirt is as difficult as it is time consuming.  I wanted the pleats to stay in place nicely so I top stitched down the front and back of every pleat.  I was also pretty happy with how my horns turned out!  They had a tin foil center so I would use too clay and make them heavy.   They were coated with the clay, sanded, then primed and painted.  I attached them to the wig with snaps and a piece of  Wonderflex on the inside of the wig.  Glad I did it that way cause now if I get a new wig, they are removable!

My boyfriend did an amazing job making Ririchiyo’s mask!  He made it out of Worbla and painted it.  He also made me her weapon, but it had some issues and so was left at home.  I’m excited to re-make my top and have the weapon for next time.  Here are some pictures from MTAC (Middle TN Anime Convention) this year.  Of course Brandi jumped in on this one and dressed up as Nobara.  Unfortunately she was stuck helping with the costume contest for most of Sat. so I didn’t find her for pictures till later on.  🙂

PS: I will add a nice album of progress photos later on.  There are some on my Facebook page from back in March: https://www.facebook.com/LittleNekoPage

Thank you for checking out my Ririchiyo cosplay and check back again for more costumes!




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